I Never

I never thought I’d say things like…

“Evan, stop licking the cat!”

“Evan, don’t suck on the sewing machine!”

I never thought I’d do things like…

….spend 30 minutes making small “blueberries” out of Play Doh.

…follow Evan all over the house as he “fishes for fuffs (cats)”

…put a bin of snow in our kitchen.

I never thought I’d be so excited….

….to see a bus or construction equipment go by.

….to see a live show of Toopy and Binoo is coming to town.

I certainly never thought….

…these things would bring such richness, joy, and happiness to my life!


Comments on: "I Never" (4)

  1. Brilliant post! Things we never thought indeed.
    My kid is a little older (cause/effect stage), so I go for “if you lick the cat you will have cat hair in your mouth, so you can decide whether it is worth it”.
    Live Toopy and Binoo would be the GREATEST OCCASION EVER!! Even the joy of finding a stuffed version for last Christmas was unexpectedly awesome.


  2. What an awesome list! Wonderfully written! 🙂 🙂 🙂


  3. Daisy – thank you! You should check out if Toopy & Binoo are coming near you.

    Theresa – thank you, too 🙂


  4. Wonderful post, and a great reminder that these oddities and fleeting moments really are special!


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