Cat Mats

One of our cats, Izzie, tends to get really bad mats in her fur. They’re mostly on her back near her tail, and we think she gets them because she’s a little on the “voluptuous” side and can’t really reach back there. She also has problems with getting…um….feces stuck in her butt fur (or, as my sister-in-law likes to call them, “dingleberries”).
I’ve been trying to comb out the mats, but it’s next to impossible. The clumps are huge and her fur is really thick. Plus, she doesn’t like to be touched in general, so the claws and teeth come out rather quickly. I have gotten a few out – a couple I had to cut out – but there are so many I don’t really know what to do.
So, cat owners – help! Do your cats have this problem? Do you deal with it or take them to a groomer or something?

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  1. My parents' kitty has that problem, exacerbated as his fur gets longer as he ages (totally weird) and he gets lazier with grooming. My sister tries to brush him once in a while (which he only recently has found acceptable instead of loathsome), but mostly someone just has to cut out the mats on a semi-regular basis.

    FYI, in my family, we refer to the “poop on fur” phenomenon as “cling-ons” (and yes, we are Star Trek nerds).


  2. Two of my family's cats have that same problem. We have a few cats though, so that helps in that they clean eat other to a certain extent. My mom and sister also try to brush them often and keep their fur trimmed back there. When it gets bad though, or if my mom is too busy to take care of them herself, she takes them to a groomer to get their fur trimmed and cleaned up.


  3. We are starting to take our long haired cat to the groomer to be shaved because of this (and bc of the hair all over that is starting to drive me crazy!!). Maybe you could try it?


  4. We have clippers and shave the backside of our long-haired cat. He doesn't mat, but does have 'leftovers' in the back sometimes. He is however the stupidest, and thus most docile cat of all time, so we can trim him ourselves – he's too stunned and confused to fight against us while we're shaving him.


  5. Thanks for the advice, everyone! Glad we're not alone in this. I think we'll just take her to the groomer this time, and then try to keep on top of things more after that. The things we do for our pets, right?


  6. This happens to one of my cats, too, in the same spot. I try to comb her every couple of days to prevent the mats from building up; if they do (e.g. if we're away), I just cut them out and start again.

    She really didn't like the combing at all at first, but I always give her a treat afterward and she's learned to accept it now.


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