I’ve made my foray into the writing of Alice Munro, who is a famous Canadian writer known for her short stories. I’ve always had it in my mind to pick something up of hers, so when my mother-in-law gave me her most recent book, Dear Life, for Christmas, it went to the (relative) top of the pile.
To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t a huge fan. There were a handful of stories in the book that I found interesting but, for the most part, the writing style just did not grab my attention. I felt like I was just dropped in to the middle of stories, and taken out before they finished.
This books was supposedly special because the last four stories were somewhat autobiographical. They were some of the more interesting stories in the book, but I found some of the narrative was really repetitive between the four stories.
Overall, though a few of the stories were really intriguing, I’m not convinced that I’ll be reading another one of her books in the near future. I give this book a 2.5/5. 
I’m starting to realize that maybe I’m just more of a popular fiction type reader. And, since reading is supposed to be a hobby and not a job or chore, I might just have to embrace that fact and read more of the type of books I know I’ll enjoy.

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  1. Try the “The night circus” by Erin Morgenstein. You might like that one, it's a little surreal (deals with magic just a little) but it's not as much in your face unreal as one might think. I was happily surprised when we read it in my book club.

    Also, “The dinner” by Hermn Koch is ok/good. Depends on I guess. I read it after “Gone girl” and both got a lot of hype which made them less great in my views I think.

    And “Rules of civility”, also quite nice in the “not set in present day” and having lots of different friendship/coming of age in it.

    /unsocilited reading suggestions 😉


  2. Yes! I was going to email you and tell you to read The Night Circus! It's a magical book, just a joy to read all subtle descriptions, slowly painting out a story, and it's the author's first book! A piece of art, I thought (although you don't have to think so of course, I'd be interested to see what you think!!) (and I completely agree with you on Munro, I started one of her books, and couldn't finish. I don't like the unfinished glimpses)


  3. Thanks for the recommendations!


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