My wallet, that is.
Yup, that’s the end to my wallet woes story from earlier this week. I got a call from the rest-stop manager to tell me that it was accidentally destroyed. Apparently, if something isn’t claimed after 24 hours, this is what happens. 
I get why they do it — but I DID claim it, 4 hours after I lost it. I was told they get 100s of lost items a week, and this was the first time in two years that something that was claimed got destroyed.
So, I’m now going through the whole rigamarole of replacing all my cards. At least they said they’d pay for all the costs, but it’s still an annoying thing to have to deal with.

Comments on: "Incinerated" (4)

  1. Bummer! I hope you get it all sorted quickly.


  2. Aargh! Better than lost/stolen but NOT better than actually claimed and returned, you know???


  3. Ugh. But what if you had cash in it. Would they have burned that as well?


  4. Cloud – thanks! It's gone rather smoothly for the most part. Just need to get some of the last cards dealt with.

    Jenny – Absolutely! At least I know there's no chance of someone using my cards, etc..

    Kate – they give any cash to charity.


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