Our most recent project around the house was putting in a much-needed deck in the backyard. We considered doing it ourselves, but since I wouldn’t be able to help much (if at all), we figured it would take DH many weekends where we could be enjoying our summer instead. So, with that, we put together a design, got a couple quotes, and hired a contractor. 
Though the price was more than we were planning on, and definitely more than if we did it ourselves, having it professionally done in about a week was well worth it.

Fig. 1: Before. Not much to look at other than the horribly crooked cement stairs.

Fig. 2: Finished product!
Fig. 3: First BBQ meal on the deck – many, many more to come!
The next big project on our list is the attic. With my maternity leave coming up, that probably won’t be for a couple of years, but I’m sure there will be other smaller projects to write about.

Comments on: "Deck" (4)

  1. Looks fantastic! Can't wait to finally get started on our yard, we just need the rain to hold off so everything can dry out.


  2. Thanks MJ! I hope your place dries out quickly so you can get started.


  3. That looks great!! I love the railing you chose.


  4. That looks fantastic!

    We still haven't managed to finish assembling our BBQ. It's been half done since May-24. So pathetic.


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