Dressing the PG Body

With the heat rising and my belly (and other things) getting bigger, it’s been getting harder and harder to pull together reasonable looking outfits for work. 
A couple months back, I bought a whole pile of slightly used maternity clothes (who wants to spend full price on clothes that you’re only going to wear for a few months?), and splurged on some new items too. With seemingly endless combinations of outfits I could put together, I thought I was set for the rest of my pregnancy. 
Apparently, I forgot how things progress while pregnant during the summer.
The very fashionable skinny jeans and dress pants I bought, while still fitting nicely around the belly, are already tight in the hips.
Some of the tops are already too short to fit over my belly.
My feet are growing/swelling so that my shoes are tight.
The heat means there’s no way in hell I’m wearing layers, which is a problem because…
…all of a sudden my boobs have grown multiple cup sizes, making what used to be relatively conservative necklines into cleavage-ville.
Getting dressed for work sucks these days. I seriously get angry even thinking about having to wear a camisole underneath a top because…HEAVEN FORBID…someone might be able to see a bit of cleavage (GASP!!!). Knowing I can’t even wear half my maternity pants anymore makes me want to weep. Putting my shoes on in the morning just makes me cringe.
And I’m only 24 weeks along!
The one good thing about all of this is how amazing it feels to come home, get out of my work clothes, and put on a big t-shirt, cotton shorts, and flip-flops.
Just hoping I can make it to Sept. 13th (last day of work!!) with a somewhat intact ability to dress appropriately, then the above becomes my uniform until Jelly Bean arrives (and, let’s be honest, for months after except substituting sweatpants and socks for the shorts and flip-flops in the fall). It will be glorious. 

Comments on: "Dressing the PG Body" (14)

  1. I remember that last month or two of my pregnancies I had two jumpers that got an awful lot of use because my wardrobe was so limited.

    I did think my pregnancy had 3-4 stages dress-wise… it helped me feel better to get the stuff that was too small out of my closet as soon as it got too small.


  2. Oh summertime while pregnant…a special hell. BTW, my least favorite (but most often received) pregnancy comment: “Are you sure you're not having twins?”. followed up occasionally with “triplets?”. Even if it was a patient, I would pointedly tell them that they were being rude or do the wide-eyed “what a thing to say to someone!”


  3. Anonymous said:

    When I was pregnant this time last year it was terrible – hottest summer in Northern Ontario in years. I had a pile of used maternity clothes that were donated to me from a friend who was one size smaller (so only some of them were useful) and I got some casual ones second hand off Kijiji. Shirts were too short for me too as I stuck out about a mile in front, so I would go to work looking like I was baring a scary amount of midriff for a pregnant lady even in stretchy pants. I was determined not to spend another dime on maternity clothes though as we were on a pretty tight budget. I sat at my desk a lot and when I had to see people I made sure to hold something over the front of my stomach, ha ha!


  4. Btw, I have to say it is pretty awesome being nearly July in the South and not being 8-9 mo pregnant. Nice change from this time last year. 🙂


  5. Alyssa, what size are you? I am happy to send you my maternity clothes, I have them in a variety of sizes (did go up several sizes between the first and the third kid). Email me if you are interested.


  6. :p How about wearing a tent? I recall that I had to attend a PhD defense at 7 months or so and couldn't for the hell of it find anything to wear. I ended up wearing a terribly itchy cardigan and spent 2 hours trying not to scratch my belly. Sounds more amusing now than it was then…


  7. nicoleandmaggie – yup, I definitely go through the stages too (despite what the ladies at the maternity shops say). I'm hoping to sell my maternity clothes as a big batch after I'm done, but putting what doesn't fit aside is probably a good idea.


  8. Ana – Yikes on the triplets comment! My midwife said she had the same comments. How do people not know that's rude?


  9. Anon – that is awesome! I really don't want to have to spend another dime on maternity clothes…not when I'm only going to wear them for another 3 months!


  10. nicoleandmaggie – yes, I keep telling myself this is the last time I'll ever have to deal with all of this, so that helps some 🙂


  11. GMP – you're awesome, thank you!


  12. Sabine – Hmm…we do have tent sitting in our basement we never use…not the most fashionable thing, but it would work (for a few weeks, anyway :P).


  13. Ugh, sounds very frustrating.

    I can't help on the other items, but for the camisole thing – I recently bought a couple of those fake-cami thingies (just a small piece of fabric that attaches to your bra straps to cover up cleavage), and despite my skepticism of anything “as seen on TV” they actually work surprisingly well. One less layer, hurrah! (my office is always way too hot and stuffy for me). I got mine at Winners


  14. Cath – I've seen those but wasn't sure if they would work, so thanks for your review! I'll have to see if I can find them here.


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