8 Years

Today marks eight years of moving to London – crazy! It sure doesn’t feel that long but, when looking back on all that has happened here, I guess it makes sense!
– September 2005: Started PhD
– April 2006: Started astronomy outreach program
– July 2006: Started dating DH
– October 2007: Got engaged
– January 2008: DH finished his PhD and started post-doc
– September 2008: Got married
– September 2008: Started this blog as Mrs. Comet Hunter
– March 2009: I turn 30
– June 2009: I finished my PhD
– August 2009: Trip to Brazil and Peru
– August 2009: Started blogging under my own name
– September 2009: I stayed on with PhD supervisor as post-doc until December 2009
– October 2009: DH got full-time Research Scientist position
– October 2009: DH bought first car ever
– October 2009: Found out I was PG for the first time
– December 2009: Had miscarriage #1
– January 2010: Started post-doc, studying earthquakes
– February 2010: We bought a house
– March 2010: Found out I was PG again
– October 2010: Evan is born 5 weeks early
– February 2011: DH turns 30
– June 2011: Started my new job as outreach coordinator
– October 2012: Found out I was PG
– December 2012: Had miscarriage #2
– January 2013: Joined Awesome London
– February 2013: Found out I was PG again
I’m sure I missed a ton of stuff, but no wonder the past 8 years have flown by. 
When DH and I were first married, we were dying to move out of this city. But, after looking at other options, we decided to stay, and I’m glad we did. It’s home for us now, and we’re happy to be bringing up our two boys here.

Comments on: "8 Years" (2)

  1. We honeymooned there– I drew a circle around our wedding site on the map and it was a day's drive away and more affordable than New Orleans. Nice little city.


  2. nicoleandmaggie – I didn't know that! Very cool 🙂


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