Fit for Kids

I’m definitely starting to feel my fitness abilities becoming limited by my pregnancy. It’s tougher this time because Evan wants me to run around with him a lot, and I just can’t keep up anymore. He’s getting faster, and I’m…well…not. 
I think my fitness level this pregnancy is better than it was with Evan. Having an amost-3-year-old helps, but so does the prenatal yoga classes I’m taking, and generally just being more active at work. 
That being said, I’m starting to get excited about having my body back after Jelly Bean arrives. I hope it won’t take long to get back to my exercise routine I had before I got PG: I was in love with the Jillian Michaels workouts I was doing, and was just starting to get into a couch-2-5K plan and biking. I’m also thinking about taking swimming lessons to get some tips to improve in that area so I can do that more.
My motivation to get fit has evolved over the years — now, it will be mainly to keep up with two boys, who will just keep getting bigger, faster, and stronger.

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  1. It's taking me a long time to get back into my fitness routine (two kids=no joke) but my motivation is similar—to keep up with my boys & also set the example that fitness is part of a healthy life. I was running on the river trail this weekend and saw so many father/son biking and running duos, with kids as little as 6 or 7, it was precious (though why no mommies?? or daughters?) I'm also looking into adult swim lessons—I know how to get from one end of the pool to the other but need help with my breathing/form to be able to do it for exercise.


  2. ana – good for you for getting back into things! Ijust read an interesting blog post on why you might be seeing less mom/daughter combos out there:


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