5 Work Weeks to Go

I plan on my last day of work being September 13th, which leaves me with five more work weeks. My due date isn’t until mid-October, but with what happened with Evan, the hope is to get to at least my  last day of work and – even better – have a couple weeks at home before baby #2 arrives.
Though (I think) I’m dealing better with the pregnancy this time around, I’m starting to get into the overly-uncomfortable, extremely irritable phase, which isn’t making things easier to deal with at work or home. 
I’m finding work a bit stressful right now, trying to figure out what all needs to get done before I leave and what I need to prepare for the person who will take over for me while on maternity leave. All the “you’re SO big” comments, having to be in real clothes, and having to sit in an office chair all day does not help the situation.
Home life has become more stressful lately too, mostly because Evan is apparently going into the “atomic temper tantrum” phase. I thought he was already having bad tantrums, but – oh boy – was I wrong. We’re now experiencing the epic screaming fits in public places and the totally random crying breakdowns about the most inane things (DH didn’t put his puppy in the right place on the couch! I didn’t stir his cereal right! He wanted to turn the fan off — NO, he wanted YOU to turn the fan off!). I think we’re pretty good at dealing with it all, but sometimes it’s all I can do to not scream and run away. 
With work and home being stressful, I’m finding it a bit hard to feel positively about the impending arrival of baby #2. All I keep thinking is “we’re going to have TWO of these? WTF did we do and how are we going to survive?”. I’d like to be more excited about it, but all I can think of are the negative things.

Comments on: "5 Work Weeks to Go" (5)

  1. You know, we had some of the same stuff about the same time when I was pregnant with #2. My theory was that, because I was somewhat physically and mentally less present than I had been thus far in Bug's wee life, he clung harder, which made me want to hide in a closet more, which…

    Also, we referred to that entire year as FUCKING THREE. Just so you know you're not alone.


  2. Anonymous said:

    after i gave birth to our second, i enjoyed our first waayyy more. i think managing a 3yo while pregnant is harder than you think. and it is coloring your interactions with him – both of your behavior.
    as for having 2, we spent the first 3 months wondering wtf we had done. but at 6 months in, it is way easier. i feel like 2 kids is for long term joy – worth it in the long run. but it is probably not going to be easy at first.


  3. You probably don't want to hear that it's going to get a little worse before it gets better. BUT when it gets better (when #2 is here and able to interact with Evan), its going to be so much easier. They will entertain each other and let you drink your coffee or read or wtv


  4. Jenny F. Scientist – I've heard others refer to “three” that way too. Guess we're in for some fun in the next few months!

    Anon – That makes sense that pregnancy is really the issue here – especially in the early and later weeks when energy is low. Glad having two gets easier relatively quickly – that's what we're hoping for!

    ScientistMother – that's exactly how we're thinking going into this. The first few months might suck, but then it'll hopefully get better!


  5. Sorry you've had it rough. Pregnancy and tantrums make a wicked combination. Actually the first few months when #2 was a newborn were super-easy for us…newborns just eat/sleep and come along for the ride in the baby carrier. And I had more energy to deal with my toddler not being pregnant (he was not yet 2 when my second one was born, which may have been part of why it went so well, at 2.5 the devil appeared, and is still in residence at 3.5…I've heard 4 is the magic number…). But it sounds like everyone has different experiences, so you won't know til you know. But in the long-run (and I'm talking really long run…), yes, I hope we have 2 friends for life.


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