Full Term – Now Get Out!

Today marks 37 weeks, which means Jelly Bean is now full-term! I’m not sure which of the three interventions (or combination thereof), if any, worked the magic, but I’m so happy to be at this point. 
Now, though, I’m definitely ready to meet baby. I’ve been pregnant for 2.5 weeks longer than with Evan, so even though I’m only 37 weeks, I feel like I’m overdue. That being said, I know the longer baby is in there, the better it is for him. I’m still hoping for a September baby, while DH thinks he’ll arrive early October.
We are all ready for a home birth, as long as there are no complications (of which there are none right now – the pregnancy is considered very low risk at this point). Maybe at some point I’ll write about how we came to this decision, but right now I want to avoid judgements/questions/etc. and keep our positive attitude about things.
So, now it’s just a waiting game. Regardless of how long it takes, we’re very excited to meet baby #2!

Comments on: "Full Term – Now Get Out!" (6)

  1. Awesome! Congrats 🙂

    Your birth plan is what's best for you. Do what you feel is right for you and your family, everyone else can mind their own beeswax.

    I still think it's brave, but maybe that's just because I don't have any experience one way or the other and am an anxious first timer!


  2. Yay for full-term babies! At this point, risks are minimal, but 39-40 week babies do eat better than 37 weekers, so cooking 'til October may make sense. I have an early October baby–I was so sure he'd be a september birth but he hung on to 40.5 weeks…
    As for birth plans—as long as its safe and you are in good care, than yes, I agree with spacepotatoes re: minding beeswax.


  3. Woo! My first was 37 weeks, but my second was 41 weeks!

    If I'd known how the second birth was going to end up (sitting at the hospital for a day waiting for the doctor to get done with her patients, then having my water broken, the baby coming out in an hour, and a full night full of people constantly stopping by for this or that), I totally would have done it at home. We did go home as soon as we could– with the first we wanted to stay at the hospital, with the second we were so eager to get back home.

    Very exciting. Congrats and good luck!


  4. Hooray for making it to full term!


  5. spacepotatoes – thanks! I would be anxious either way this time too, after our experience with Evan. Hoping doing it at home will reduce that!

    Ana – yes, midwife said babies feed much better after 38 weeks, so hoping we can get to that point now. I don't feel like he's going anywhere soon, so fingers crossed!

    nicoleandmaggie – our experience with Evan in the hospital is one of the biggest reasons we want to do it at home this time. It's quite possible I go late this time!

    Cloud – thank you!


  6. Good luck!! And I know that feeling. #1 was early for me, so when #2 came right before his due date I felt like I was over-do.


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