Angry Phase?

Not sure if this is normal, but I’ve gotten into an angry pregnant-lady phase. In fact, I would say I’ve been way more angry than weepy with this pregnancy in general. People annoy me easily, and I tend to get frustrated and fly off the handle more quickly than usual. 
This past weekend, I was so angry that I was still pregnant! I was seriously contemplating calling my midwife to schedule a C-section. Kudos to any woman who has been pregnant over 37 weeks, because this is just killing me. I want this kid out…NOW. 
Yesterday afternoon, though, I realized that I just need to take things day by day and try not to let my anger get the best of me. After all, I’m really lucky that I could take the opportunity to go on maternity leave relatively early and have time to relax before baby arrives. So, I’m trying to focus on enjoying these last few days/weeks before we’re a family of four (ack!).
One thing that adds to my anxiety is I keep thinking about the possibility of a still birth. I know that my fear is unfounded and that it’s incredibly unlikely, but I know a few people who’ve had to go through this terrible, heartbreaking experience, and I just can’t untangle myself from the thought of it right now. So, I just want Jelly Bean to be out, to be healthy, and to be safe.
This post seems random and blathering – sorry about that! My guess is that will be a running theme over the next while as I wait for baby.

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  1. Totally normal, I believe it's called pregnancy rage. At about 37 weeks I started in with all the old wives tales. Red raspberry leaf tea, pineapple, walking, bouncing on a yoga ball…you name it. Not sure any of it helped, but it made me feel better. Also, keep in mind he can't stay in there forever! Put your feet up, relax and know that before you know it you'll have your baby in your arms. The last 3 weeks were excruciating for me (I went 2 days past my due date). Good luck!!


  2. I think anger/anxiety can go hand in hand. I always felt a bit anxious throughout my pregnancies (about problems with baby in utero and ex utero, about how we'd cope with the newborn phase, about money, etc…). Also goodness you are likely so so uncomfortable, and that presents as anger, too. Any day now!!


  3. Jaclyn – thanks for sharing your experience! I can see how trying to do something made you feel a bit better.

    Ana – yeah, I guess anger can come from many sources!


  4. Nothing intelligent so say, just that I hope you'll feel better soon. I don't know how it was with your first pregnancy, but at least in my case the worries prior to birth look quite pale in comparison to the worries that came after birth, starting with one of the girls being handed on to a cardiologist some hours after birth all the way to today when I'm worried they'll run onto the street just because I told them not to. And we're looking into 15 more years of worries, at the very least. So enjoy the last days when the little one is safe…


  5. Sabine – I think last time I didn't have time for end-of-pregnancy worries, since he arrived surprisingly early. And, yeah, there are WAY more worries once the baby is out!


  6. Pregnancy is such a fucked-up state. I think I was calmest with my first only because I had no idea of all the things that could go wrong; ignorance is truly bliss. With the second and third I think I was horribly nauseated (especially the 3rd) and completely paranoid the entire time that something would go wrong that didn't enjoy they at all.
    Pregnancy is a time of complete loss of control over your life and your body, and it does feel disorienting and scary and really enraging! Just do your best to go through safely for everyone involved, that's all that matters.


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