My Mistake

Alright, so I never should have predicted or told anyone I thought baby #2 might come early like Evan did. Now, even though I’m still just over 38 weeks (which is completely normal), people keep asking me if I’ve had the baby yet and act like I’m super overdue.
Trust me – being pretty much a social media junkie, coupled with the fact that I cannot wait to get this kid out of me, you will know when the baby has come.
So, feel free to check this link for updates unless I post otherwise. 

Comments on: "My Mistake" (3)

  1. Great link. I was certain #2 was going to be early since #1… nope on time. So I kept telling myself #3 will be late… trying to prepare myself.


  2. My second was induced at 41 weeks. My first came at 38 weeks. She was a lot better at breast-feeding and she seemed sturdier just generally, so some benefits there.


  3. love the link 🙂

    [Sorry for asking but that was like…. several days ago ;P good luck with keeping the crazy away ]


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