Six weeks with Carter

Today, Carter had his last check-up with the midwife. He is six weeks old now. He was born at 8lbs 12oz, 51cm long, and a head circumference of 35.5cm. At 6 weeks, his is 12lbs (80th percentile), 61.5cm long (95th percentile), and a head circumference of 40cm. He’s growing ver well, and is bigger than Evan was at the same age — and we thought Evan was a big baby!

He’s doing so well! Eating like a champ, but not  breastfeeding (due to hopefully obvious reasons – I figure having a stroke and brain surgery is reason enough). Look, I’m already in mom-guilt world! It’s too bad, since things in that regard started off really well this tim around, but what can you do? I think we made the right decision in the end, considering the circumstances. He’ll still grow up to be a strong and smart boy, I’m sure!
Here are some of the first “milestones” he’s reached:
– making eye contact
– tracking objects with his eyes
– moving his head toward sounds
– starting to “cool”
– we’ve even seen a few smiles (not just due to gas)
– he had good head control so far
– hates tummy time and baths, just like his brother 🙂
– Loves his swing!


Comments on: "Six weeks with Carter" (4)

  1. That's great that Carter is doing so well! I'm sure it's easier said than done but don't feel guilty about the feeding situation. This was beyond your control.

    About a week or after I was born, my dad came home from work to find my mom passed out in the bathroom in a pool of blood. It turned out that not all of the after-birth made it out when she had me and the remnants caused an infection that led to hemmorhage. She ended up hospitalized for a while, needing surgery and a blood transfusion. I became a formula baby after that too…I like to think I turned out ok 🙂

    Jason and I already signed up for the Enfamil and Nestle sample programs because even though we plan to breastfeed, you just never know.

    Either way, I'm sure you're doing the best you can under the circumstances. Don't feel bad about that!


  2. Your hubby is a formula baby and he turned out fine. I think there is way too much pressure on mother's to nurse. It's such a personal decision and nobody else's business.
    And go Carter!! He's sounds like he's doing great- good show:)


  3. There is nothing wrong with formula. Nothing. We are living, fortunately, in an age where it is available and not only available but it is a good product. Don't have mom guilt. Not ever. You're looking after two little ones and recovering from brain surgery. Whatever you are doing far out trumps me!


  4. Ditch the mom-guilt ASAP. I ended up quitting BFing with my first at 3 weeks for nowhere near as legitimate reasons as you have, and he is a normal terribly behaved yet incredibly smart and empathetic almost 4 year old. Enjoy your big-little baby! (wow, 12 lbs, mine were runts, so I can't imagine!)


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