This Is Me

Fig. 1: Minutes after Carter was born during a home water birth.
Fig. 2: Happy morning with both kids a couple days after Carter was born.
Fig. 3: Cuddles with Carter a few days after my surgery. They shaved the left side of my hair to remove essentially the left portion of my skull from the crown of my head to my ear. You can see the staples along the top of my head. 

Fig. 4: a better look at the staples.  Those were taken our the day  I was discharged from the hospital and went to the rehab centre. 
Fig. 5: Posing with Evan at his 3rd birthday celebration at home (Nov. 2)! You can see how my head is misshapen on the left side (closer to Evan) above the ear (that’s from the swelling of my brain, which is going down). My head will look normal after they replace the skull on that side – we’ll hopefully find out soon when that surgery will be done. 

Fig. 6: cuddles with Carter at home!! Isn’t my new hairstyle the best (I find it hard looking at myself now)? I’m looking forward to having my long hair back (so is Evan, who uses it like a security blanket). 

Comments on: "This Is Me" (11)

  1. I am so proud and admire how you are sharing your story. Not many people would! You are a true inspiration. Thanks girl! ❤ you!


  2. You look beautiful Alyssa! Your smile lights your face!


  3. I agree with Sue 🙂 You look amazing. The hair means nothing, when your countenance shines so beautifully. (but the short hair looks pretty cool on you, I must say!) But wow, I’d be so scared to hit my head with a big chunk of skull missing!!


  4. You are beautiful, and your love for your kids shows so clearly. But wow…scary. really scary.


  5. Thank you for sharing your story. And you look good with short hair, and strong girl!


  6. I really admire you. You are really awesome. Thank you for sharing your story.


  7. Anonymous said:

    You're amazing.


  8. You look beautiful. Take care!


  9. Oh my gosh, Alyssa! I had no idea about all that was going on; I'm so glad you're okay! And seriously, rock the short hair — one less thing to worry about when you've got a lot on your plate! 🙂


  10. wow, that's some good photos! Much more impact, which I didn't think when I read your post about it, but photos do make a huge difference. You look great with that smile and the boys are cute too. I hope you get the surgery soon and can grow out your hair – although, I think short hair suits you too. All the best!


  11. You look wonderful! And Carter is darling!!


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