If it’s not one thing…

Note: This is a rant. I am not looking for advice or for someone to tell me to suck it up and that’s life (I KNOW that, thankyouvermuch – I can still bitch about it). 

…it’s another! I feel like my to-do list just keeps getting longer and longer. How is that possible? I’m on maternity leave! I’m supposed to be enjoying my time off with the baby, not:

– Registering Evan for kindergarten (!!)
– Ordering new contacts
– Calling Employment Insurance AGAIN to try and get that whole thing straightened out
– Calling various doctors’ offices to confirm/change appointments
– Answering questions about a conference I helped plan last year that *must* be done ASAP
– Answers various work-related emails
– Paying the bills
– Doing the never-ending cycle of household crap
– Making yet another potty chart (and POTTY TRAINING — potentially the worst part of parenting thus far).
– Trying to come up with 100 ways to entertain Carter

Plus I’m dealing with a cold. Ugh. Can’t I just REST and forget all these stupid obligations of life??


Comments on: "If it’s not one thing…" (9)

  1. Isn't it so INCONSIDERATE of life to go on when one is sick? I, for example, have a head cold, and yet my children expect me to keep them alive and feed them, or something! (I'm not being sarcastic- I, too, truly wish to lay on the couch moaning and sipping tea, and my kids are hitting each other over the head with wooden TTITE tracks and shrieking.)


  2. My to do lists often got epic on maternity leave, too. After all, I was home all day… HA HA HA HA HA HA.

    I dislike potty training, too. It was easier the second time around, but that is probably more to do with the kid's personality than anything I learned.

    Hang in there.


  3. I have another to-do list for you;

    – sit down and have cup of tea
    – play with boys
    – watch a dvd together cuddled under a duvet
    – extra nap time
    – drawing time
    – as soon as you have company or boys are in bed – hot bath
    – demand cuddles from people

    hope you feel better soon!
    A x


  4. Ugh I feel the same. I like A's list better.


  5. Jenny – boo!! Sorry you're dealing with the head cold + kids thing to 😦


  6. Cloud – ah, yes, the “at home all day” thing 😛 One day the PT'ing thing will happen, right? He can't graduate without that happening, right? RIGHT?


  7. A – I like your list better! I have been drinking lots of tea and having naps with the baby, which is nice 🙂


  8. ana – hope you're doing okay too! I like A's list too!


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