I blinked and there went January!

I blinked and Carter is no longer a newborn.

I blinked and Evan is no longer a toddler.

I blinked and we’re making vacation plans for the summer.

I blinked and I feel normal far more often than not.

Yesterday, I had a bit of a freak out that I was going to have another stroke. The good thing about that is I realized it had been at least a couple weeks since I  felt that way. It used to be a daily occurrence. Then I started thinking about how far I’ve come since coming home in mid-November. I don’t often think about because the changes so gradual sometimes I feel like I’m never getting better. But, then I realized things like I’m totally fine on my own with Carter, I don’t need afternoon naps, I can just get in my car and go anywhere, I don’t get overwhelmed when Evan gets home from daycare, or I can socialized without feel warn down (and actually crave it)..these are all things I thought would never happen. Now, here we are.

I know I’m still not 100% better. I’m not sure if that will ever happen. But, holy cow, have I come a long way. I guess the only way for me to see it is for time to go by and to look back at how things once were.


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