That’s That

I had my first and only follow-up appointment at the rehab centre yesterday I also had my last appointment with my at-home therapy team leader yesterday. Things are rolling along, and I’m crossing off my health support team quickly.

It’s good and bad at the same time. Good because I feel like I’m getting my life back (and don’t have to organize it around various appointments), and bad because I feel like I’m getting my security blanket taken away. Those were the last few people who were still checking in on me (even though very infrequently), which was nice to have.

Everyone – including myself – thinks I’m doing great though! My therapy team lead even wants to do a story on me in the hospital newsletter, because she thinks I’m one of those “success” stories that people want to read about.


Comments on: "That’s That" (3)

  1. Yay, you graduated! The newsletter story is a great endorsement of your hard rehab work paying off – I hope you'll share it if it goes ahead?


  2. yey! That's awesome news. So happy for you!!


  3. Woohoo! So happy that you're doing well


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