Reno or Move?

When DH and I bought our house, it was just the two of us with an idea of 1-2 kids. Now that there are four of us, we’re starting to wonder if the house can really meet our needs the way we want, especially as the kids get older.

So, now we’re trying to decide whether to stay and do renovations or to try and find a different house that already has the things we’re looking for.

What kind of person are you – a renovator or a mover?

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  1. After looking at some of the houses in the areas we liked, we decided to renovate. And by renovate, I mean tear the roof off our bungalow and make it a full two storey home. For us, it was cheaper, and we could have the features we wanted exactly, rather than doing the small renos that come with buying a house. We don't have any kids though, other than 4 pets, so the disruptions caused by construction in the morning or afternoon weren't an issue for us. Hammering and sawing may be problematic if there's afternoon naps going on!


  2. I think for me it would depend on the age and condition of the house, and how much I knew about its condition. I've seen and heard about some truly unfortunate discoveries while remodeling – including ours of NO GREENBOARD behind the shower surround = rotted structural studs OMG, and a local pal's of discovering two! water supply pipes coming into the house. We've been looking at houses that would need a variable amount of remodeling… at a certain point, it's more efficient to have something built, around here! (Rural area; county population roughly 24,000. Not a lot of housing.)


  3. I rent so can't really comment but often get itchy feet after couple of years. however, my landlord is installing central heating in my flat in a couple of weeks and as a result the flat will change and satisfy my itchy feet for another couple of years – bonus! I'd have to say renovate if you love the house and have space. if no space and not happy – move


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