I have been working on this afghan for over three years now! So, when I started the last of the eight sections, I was pretty excited to be on the home stretch.

To see how it would look all sewn together, I laid out all the pieces and voila:

Fig. 1: All eight sections with 20 pieces each. 
Looks a bit funny there on the left side, doesn’t it? Well, that’s what happens when you take 3 years to knit something! The tension I use to knit has changed so much over that time that there is one piece (the first piece I knit) is way smaller than the others!
So, I’ll be re-doing another section! Thankfully, I’ve been knitting faster lately, and it shouldn’t take me too long. I better do it quick though, so my tension doesn’t change some more and I end up having to redo other pieces!

Comments on: "Damnit!!" (4)

  1. In one of the Yarn Harlot books she describes this very phenomenon and says it's the main reason to not knit socks a year apart BUT everyone does it. I read this right after I knit a pair of socks that differed in size by a full inch (same needles, same yarn) and laughed my rear off. It's annoying but you are SO not alone.

    P.S. Your afghan is awesome.


  2. oh wow,it's going to be amazing. Great job! Also amazing how much your tension has changed in that time — I don't think mine has changed one bit since the first day i started to knit — still tight as always!


  3. Yeah, I had to reknit half of the sweater I made for Evan, the gauge at the beginning and end were RIDICULOUS (and it was a small project!). Blocking the pieces will help too. Your afghan looks incredible though!!! Beautiful work, you should be proud of yourself!!


  4. Beautiful! I have been waiting for a picture of this. Good luck finishing it the way you want, and kudos for ripping and redoing. I'd probably try to just hack it together.


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