Soother Reliance

I know there are a lot of parents out there who have gone through this, so please post any advice you have!

Carter does not have very restful sleeps at night. He wakes up a few times (even up to 10 times!) at night, but seemingly just wants the soother put back in his mouth. After one of us gets up to do that, he goes right back to sleep. But, with it happening so often, it needs to change. Even though we’re only up for less then a minute, it still interrupts our sleep and we’re not sleeping nearly as well.

Did you have a baby/child with a soother reliance? How did you solve the issue? Did you go cold turkey, or did you try a more gentle method?



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  1. Anonymous said:

    yeah, we had that BAD with our first. basic idea is that you have to get them to sleep without the paci. otherwise they wake up in the night briefly and are confused about where the paci went.
    pantley wrote the “no cry sleep solution” and has some info on weaning from paci gradually.
    we eventually went cold turkey. he cried. we let him cry for about 3-5 minutes max. rocked him. let him cry again. by the end of the weekend, no more pacifier. he slept like a dream
    good luck. not the most fun.


  2. Can he put it back in his mouth yet if he finds it? Our strategy is to put lots of pacifiers around (2-4) so hopefully she can find one on her own.


  3. We got rid of them pretty cold turkey around 4-5 months (I think earlier with my first, who never cared for it too much). And then the sleep training.


  4. Thanks for advice, everyone! He's not at the stage where he can put it back himself, but we're working on it! LO!


  5. Anonymous said:

    Much worse, when your breastfeed it's boob reliance. It works very much the same and during growth spurs it can be up to 10 times a night. Not fun. I have no advice, I guess. I had no idea how to stop it myself. Just the general advice for babies: pray, eat, love in any order you prefer.


  6. i'm a little late to the party here and don't have much advice… other than it will get better… didn't wean my kiddo from nighttime soothing until he was 15months and that was weaning from a boob so i completely hear you on the sleep deprivation thing. you feel like a new person who might be able to conquer world peace once you get to sleep again. hang in there!


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