Easter Weekend

We just had an awesome weekend spent with family!

BIL, SIL and our niece came to visit from Thursday until Tuesday! BIL’s cousin is also in town and she and her daughter spent a lot of time with us too! It was so great to have family around and really made us see how amazing it would to be closer to them.

Our niece is the same age as Evan, so it was awesome to see them play together the whole time! It was so nice for Evan to have other people, especially kids, to play with. It was also great to have lots of people who wanted to play with and hold Carter. It was just nice to feel like we had a support system, if only for a little while.

We went to several playgrounds, to a local children’s theme park, did an easter egg hunt (and decorated some of our own), played tons in the backyard, went to a swimming pool, and just had some good food, drinks, and laughs.

It was amazing. We really need to figure out how to move closer to family.


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