Bedtime Books

Evan is outgrowing the bedtime books we’ve been using for a couple of years (Sandra Boynton, Goodnight Moon, etc).

Anyone have any good recommendations for 3+ year-olds that would keep his interest for at least a couple of years?

Just curious, at what point did you start reading chapter books to/with your child(ren) (such as Narnia or Harry Potter)?


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  1. Three was the Magic Treehouse starter age at our house. It is still on-going at 7.

    Three was also a good year for The Wizard of Oz. Magic books were very popular at three.

    Also, Mo Willems has a wide range of stuff if you don't want to delve into chapter books just yet. Also popular were books with buttons that make noise (like Dora the Explorer books). And if you're thinking about starter books for reading, Step One books like Hot Dog or Cat Tracks were popular, though after reading fluency increased they were discarded.


  2. My nephew LOVED “The Spooky Old Tree” (Berenstein Bears) and also Dr. Seuss books like Go Dog Go and 1 Fish 2 Fish. Oh, and the Richard Scary Word books were favorites as well as any book about a truck or a digger etc. It's a great age to start picking up books at the library and then you can change them up weekly!


  3. My kids like: Mo Willems books (Knuffle Bunny series, Don't Let the Pidgeon series, Amanda & her alligator, etc…), Dr Seuss, the Llama Llama books, Curious George, Charlie & Lola books, anything with Thomas the Train that we can find. We recently got “Dragons love tacos” and “those darn squirrels” which are hilarious.
    We use the library a lot to try new things.


  4. (they are 2 & 4). We haven't tried chapter books yet, even my older is uninterested, so maybe in a year or two?


  5. Natalie said:

    Mine just turned 4 and we have those learn to read books that she loves and will last years. They are like mini chapter books. Costco has cases of them sometimes. I got 10 books for $10 from there.


  6. Anonymous said:

    We started simple chapter books with our 3 year old. We try to find ones meant for ~7 year olds to read on their own. Cam Jansen is a good series.


  7. Mine didn't really “get” mysteries at age 3.


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