Pieces Come Together

Last update I had on my ongoing battle with the Penrose afghan, I was putting an extra section together because one was too small.

I set a deadline for myself to get it sewn all together for when my parents arrived on June 5th – mostly because my mom has been weaving in all the ends, and I didn’t want to lug the thing across the country at Christmas!

So, once I finished that last section (for the second time) I started putting the bigger sections together.

  Two sections.

 Three sections.
Five sections. 

Sewn together…still loose ends.

All done!!

IT’s DONE!!! It only took 3+ years! Special thanks to my amazing mom for weaving in every last end! That’s 2-3 ends for each little piece and more from sewing pieces together!

Now just to wait for cold weather to enjoy it (not that I’m wishing for that!! I’m happy to wait!).

Comments on: "Pieces Come Together" (3)

  1. GORGEOUS!!!! Congratulations, it's beautiful!


  2. That is very cool!


  3. Wow, that is STUNNING — love your color combo and you did a great job persisting with the knitting of it. Aren't afghans so satisfying when they are finally done? You should be SO proud of it — a family heirloom for sure!


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