"I read an article"

Is it me, or are more and more people using “I read an article about X” to “prove” their point in an argument?

This DRIVES me crazy! Where? What article? Who was it written by? Where was the funding (if any) from?

Just because you read some blog on the internet that agrees with your stance on a subject, or (gag) saw something mentioned by that crack Dr. Oz, does NOT give it more credence.

Kudos for reading, but please do your research before you start calling people out on their actions or getting into non-arguments that just piss people off. You’re entitled to have your opinions and don’t need to back them up with “things you read” — just own them for yourself instead of trying to make them look more valid by trying to prove that someone important (must be, if they’ve WRITTEN something, right?) has them too.


Comments on: ""I read an article"" (5)

  1. *Koff* Sometimes I say, “I saw a talk…” because I did, but I suck with names.


  2. Ah, that LARGE difference between 'an article' and DATA.


  3. There's a different when speaking in academic settings, as “I read an article” has a completely different meaning than “I read an article that showed kids who ate rice cakes before 4 has MUCH better math skills:” :S


  4. To be fair, I do occasionally come across such articles, but generally reject them for omitted variables bias. One of the hazards of working in social science.


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