9 Months

Carter is 9 months old today, and has taken several “leaps” in the last month!

– He has started to crawl on all fours (but looks like he kind of has one “dragging” behind – but he actually pushes with it). He’s very excited to explore absolutely everything in this house!

– He pulls himself up to stand all the time, and can transition well from standing to sitting (with a couple falls from learning that skill).

– He can stand unaided for a few seconds, and has started cruising around furniture.

– He can transition easily from lying down to sitting up.

– He’s starting to understand orientation of things. For example, he can put his soother in his mouth himself (YAY!!), and he rotates food like watermelon slices to eat the correct side.

– He has started to use a sippy cup himself, and is getting a bit better (read: not as messy) with his feeding skills.

– He conveys his emotions well! When he’s exciting he flaps his arms and claps. When he’s frustrated he goes up to the nearest person, bounces up and down on his bum and cries.

– He’s been on TV for the first time (during an interview about my stroke experience).

– He has a very clear love for all things Thomas the Train! He stops doing whatever he’s doing if Thomas comes on TV. His favourite toys right now are balls, or things that look like balls (like oranges and bubbles).

– He seems to be going through the 9 month growth sport right on schedule (fingers crossed it’s short lived!).

– He’s interacting more and more with Evan – including rough housing (I see many future years of splitting up fights…

…and a lot of giggling!).


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