Adv. Glasses?

There is a professor where DH works who makes their female graduate students wear glasses during conference presentations.

It is unknown whether they make the male students do the same because all of them already wear glasses.

What is your gut reaction to this “policy”? Does your reaction change whether the professor is male or female?



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  1. Anonymous said:

    Umm…pretty ridiculous no matter the gender.

    Anon in Mass


  2. Isn't that extremely bad for the eyes? Sounds unsafe and ridiculous.


  3. I have never head anyone enforcing it, but I can see where it comes from. I have often said I would put my hair in a bun and wear glasses to look and be taken more seriously when I present. Have never done it though.

    I am betting the person requiring that they wear glasses is a woman, who is sensitive to this shit. I don't think it would even occur to a guy to advise a young woman to engineer her on-stage persona for being taken seriously.


  4. Rick Perry is trying it…


  5. Anonymous said:

    I ALWAYS wear glasses at conferences and 90% of the time in the classroom, even though I really only need them for very far away stuff. I'm a (relatively) young female, and I've noticed a marked difference in how other scientists (especially men) treat me when I have my glasses on vs. when I don't. I present in a pretty typically feminine way (skirts/dresses, make up, hair done), and often don't get taken very seriously without the glasses. It's weird, but it seems to make a big difference for me.


  6. WOW — I can't even fathom a world where you are told to wear glasses if you don't need them — I'm not sure what is more upsetting — those who insist you wear them or those who only take you seriously if you are wearing them. Seems like a very shallow pool to swim in.


  7. I think it is fine for an adviser to ADVISE someone that she should consider wearing glasses to be taken more seriously, but to REQUIRE it? Uh, no. That is a bad idea, and quite possibly illegal, particularly if it is not a “uniform” you require of all your students. Graduate students are adults, and can make their own decisions about how to present themselves to the world, and pick their own battles to fight. If a student wants to fight the “you will take me seriously no matter what I wear” battle, that is HER choice, not her advisers.


  8. They wear just frames, no prescriptions glasses.


  9. You're correct and the PI is a woman. She does enforce it (not just a suggestion).


  10. How's it working for him?


  11. It's one thing if it's the choice of the student, and another for a PI to require it.


  12. Yes – and this is a small example of many similar things that go on in academia, which is one reason among many that made me get out.


  13. Agreed…and yes, the PI requires it. It's not just a suggestion.


  14. She also has other questionable policies. Such as, it is required to respond to any of her emails within 1 hour. This and other things, are outlined in her group's handbook.


  15. Well, he did just get indicted.


  16. Anonymous said:

    Oh, for sure! I totally agree. I just think the fault is in part on the PI for requiring it, and in part for the culture for rewarding it. It's super frustrating when people won't talk to me unless I “look the part.”


  17. I am a bit late to this discussion, but my vote goes for “idiotic”. Talk about not helping to solve the underlying problem.


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