Bad Blogger!

Wow…I’ve certainly let this blog fall to the bottom of my priority list. Not only does that mean I’m not writing much, but it also means I’ve basically had to stop reading all my favourites too. 😦 So, if you’ve noticed my absence on your blog, I truly apologize. I miss my blogger friends and all of my social life, really.

Unfortunately, I think it might stay that way while I’m in school. It’s incredibly busy. The work isn’t all that hard, but the volume of work is intense. It’s the kind of program that there’s no way you can actually do all the work/reading assigned. Instead, you have to prioritize what actually needs to get done.

This has caused a lot of anxiety for me. In fact, by the end of week 2 I was having anxiety/panic attacks and breaking out in tears multiple times a day. I was considering leaving the program. It wasn’t just the school work, but how it coupled with the stresses of home life (and how the kids were/are adjusting to their new routines – as well as mine).

I sought some help from my family doctor and counsellor, and felt better this week (compared to last week, anyway). I hope that as I continue to get into the swing of things at school and continue receiving positive feedback on my work, I will feel less and less anxious and maybe even be able to enjoy what I’m doing.

Regardless, I’m finding most of everything interesting and useful – even the more “boring” topics. One of the biggest issues I’m having right now is I wish I had more time to dedicate to the readings to really get into them. Right now, it’s all about skimming and getting the hot points out so I can get the most important work done.

It’s definitely a balancing act, and one that’s very different from any other school experience I’ve had. Apparently it’s good training for what life will be like as a teacher, when you’re being pulled in 100 different directions and having to put fires out all day.

How is your September going?


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  1. I'm glad school is going well and your are finding it interesting!

    One of the things I love about blogging as a hobby is that it can wax and wane with the time I have. I've had periods where I wrote less than I do now, and times when I wrote more. Unless you post that you're quitting, I'll keep your feed in your reader and come check it out when you post!

    My September has been a bit weird. I published a short ebook on running a non-academic job search on the 10th. The days leading up to that and right after that were super busy. Now, I'm a bit at loose ends. I figured I'd need a break before starting another big project, so I didn't plan anything big. But I have had to pick something to work on so that I don't drive myself insane obsessively checking my sales figures! So I have been working on the story I hope will be my 3rd kids' book. My 2nd kids' book comes out Oct. 20, so I'm ramping up to promote that, too.

    It is all very weird for me- I still need to figure out the right rhythm for my new work set up!


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