Hair Evolution

It’s been about one year since my first visit to my hair stylist after my stroke. I’ve had a few appointments since then, including today — here’s how my hair has evolved since it was first shaved for my emergency brain surgery (if you’re squeamish, you might not want to look at the first photo or two — especially the second one).

 Fig. 1: Late October, 2013 (about 2 weeks after my surgery).
Fig. 2: Late December, 2013 (a couple days after my second surgery to put my skull back on)

Fig. 3: Late February, 2014.
Fig. 4: Mid-May, 2014 (right after an appointment with my stylist).

Fig. 5: Mid-August, 2014 (shortly after another visit to my stylist)

 Fig. 6: January 6, 2015 (right after a visit to my stylist)

First, how awesome is my stylist? She managed to make my hair look like a million bucks at every awkward stage! She’s actually an award-winning hair stylist, and it really makes a world of difference, especially when dealing with such hair issues (I did start seeing her before all this and noticed a HUGE difference between previous stylists – she has a deep understanding of the connection between hair type, face type, personality, and style).
Second, I know it seems a bit vain to be writing about my hair of all things after everything that has happened, but it’s amazing how much it affected me throughout this journey. It was hard looking in the mirror and not seeing MYSELF, if that makes sense — I was just staring at a stroke patient. My stylist gave me ME back, even though my hair wasn’t the same as before. She helped me take ownership of it – choosing styles that I wanted, even thought I wasn’t so keen on the length. Being able to make the CHOICE instead of it being thrust upon me, really helped me feel more confident.
Never underestimate the worth of a great hair stylist!

Comments on: "Hair Evolution" (5)

  1. You have a friggin' GREAT nose (and smile. Definitely the smile too). For what it's worth, I think it's absolutely fine to write a whole post about your hair…I would probably have the same feelings.


  2. I actually love the mid-may cut but the last cut is great too. I love the back – it's what I wish my hair would do.

    I agree a great hairstylist is a very important person to know! When I moved I was worried but first go found a fantastic one in Christchurch. I loved the cuts and she did great colour too. one of my friends does my hair in Perth & she does a great job too.


  3. Your hair looks super-cute, and I absolutely understand the attachment to the hair. I think about my hair more than I think I should, I've never quite in all my life been able to find something that WORKS on a daily basis.


  4. Thanks everyone! I do keep thinking about going back to the pixie. I'm a big fan of how it looked, and it was super easy to care for and style!


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