The Dichotomy of School

I get asked often how school is going and, to be perfectly frank, it’s a pretty distinct dichotomy. I go between it being amazing and being defeating.

I LOVE that I’m doing what I need to become a teacher…something I’ve wanted to do for years. I get shots of joy and happiness even from just realizing that fact. The second placement is coming up in March and I’m really excited about that! I’ve met a handful of people who I know are “my people” and who I know I will keep in touch with after this whole thing is done. A few of the courses are really enjoyable, and I get a lot out of them – be it resources, or ideas for teaching methods/techniques, or even some “ah-hah” and navel-gazing moments about my own thoughts or opinions of things. Some of the classes aren’t that great, but I’m still able to get tidbits here and there that I know I’ll put to good use.

On the extreme other hand, I find this school is like a cesspool of negativity. It’s like walking into a pit of anger/fear/uncertainty/insecurity all balled into one. I can practically feel the toxicity seep into me slowly as I walk through the door and hallways. There is so much talk about job potential worries, the amount of work (which is really not that much), what’s to hate, what’s unfair, who’s too busy and who’s too tired. It can be hard to hear (or be involved) with the same negative conversations day after day and NOT let it rub off or affect me in some way.


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  1. This is an interesting point that I tend to experience a lot as well. I typically really enjoy my current job and career path but find it easy to get caught up in the negativity from co-workers or others in the field.

    There is a large number of people in all aspects of life who seem to thrive on being miserable even when the situation is objectively quite decent.I try to distance myself as much as possible but, to be honest, I don't like feeling out of the gossip loop with coworkers and that is what tends to draw me in to the negative talk at times.


  2. I think many people kvetch in order to bond, especially women. I know I do. I think objectively very few of them, if any, actually feel as negatively about the whole ordeal as they say. So, if you can, try to renormalize, and remind yourself periodically that the woes behind the whining are not all that real.


  3. I've found this contrast to exist between schools and even within departments of some schools too. There are schools were I've learned to avoid the staff room because it's just full of gossip and negativity. It can really drag you down!


  4. That is a really good point.


  5. Liz & spacepotatoes – yes, this is probably a common issue in any school, program, workplace or anywhere there are a bunch of people!

    xykademiqz – definitely something to remember. Often griping/whining about something is actually a way to connect with others because it's a commonality we share.


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