Quiet Times

Sorry for the dead silence on the blog lately!

I started my second practicum placement March 9th, and it’s been awesomely busy!

I was just observing the first week, but I got a good idea on how different math classes are from science classes. My associate teacher is great, especially with incorporating technology into the classroom, and always improving her lessons each year.

My first week teaching had me doing a mini-unit on scatter plots with the grade nine classes. Then, in my second week, I started connecting the algebra and scatter plots units with an introduction to linear relations (think slope & y=mx+b).

Next week, we’ll get into more specifics with classes on the standard form equation for straight lines (Ax+by=C), 3 ways to graph, parallel & perpendicular lines, vertical & horizontal lines. There will be a cool math/art assignments where the students will use Desmos to draw their names 🙂

I will be visited by a faculty advisor on Friday during one my classes and be assessed. Not really nervous about this yet, but I’m sure I will be that day! Thankfully I teach that class twice a day, and will have a run-through before they come!

Can’t believe I’m already halfway done this practicum.

Oh, and I’m helping with the girl’s soccer team! Wooot!!

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