C is 1.5!

C became 1.5 years old a few days! ago It’s pretty crazy how he’s turned into a toddler late, and is no longer a baby!

He runs around and plays with E a lot! I think it’s a good relationship right now, because C loves following his big brother around, and E loves having a playmate at his beck and call 🙂 They get into all sorts of fun things together.


C is very independent, and is good at entertaining himself! One of the problems with that is it means he gets into a lot of things that he shouldn’t! We’re constantly telling him NO, or STOP, or DON’T DO THAT — far more than we did with E at this age!

C also has a strong defiant streak in him! Things like time outs don’t seem to work nearly as well with him – he just smiles and thinks he’s being funny or clever.

He is really adventurous, and likes to try new things — generally without thinking it through! He’s a “I’ll figure that out later” kind of kid.


At the same time, he’s very inquisitive and curious, and can work on one task for a decent period of time…and he won’t even get frustrated!

We have noticed that he seems to be really coordinated physically, and he’s got some amazing dance moves (and a great sense of rhythm, which is awesome to see!).

One thing we are concerned about is he hasn’t started talking really. He’s maybe said a couple of recognizable words (ball, daddy), and some others that sound close, but nothing consistent. We’ll be seeing what his doctor recommends later this week at his 18 month check-up (any thoughts from those who have experienced this with their child(ren)?)

C certainly has a HUGE personality, and it’s coming out more and more. He makes us laugh so much, and he still loves people – and they love him everywhere we go!

Can’t believe you’re already a year-and-a-half, Carterpillar! It’s so exciting to watch you grow and become your own little man! ❤ you, my little egg!



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