Some Updates!

Okay, this blog has been sorely lacking since I started my BEd program in September, and I miss it!

The good thing is, I just finished my second practicum placement last Friday, and all I have left now is a 2-week volunteer stint at the local school board office!!! YAY!!! Anyway, I should be able to write more 😀

Right after celebratory beverages on Friday, I started having some pretty bad pain in my throat. By Sunday, I had be holding a fever of 102-103F and feeling like death. So, off to the walk-in, and I was diagnosed with Strep. Blech!! Though I’ve been on antibiotics since then, I’m still fighting it off. In fact, I went to my regular doctor today, and she gave me a different antibiotic, and did a throat culture and a blood test to check if it’s mono instead. Either way – lots of fluids and rest. Good times!

In other news, C still hasn’t uttered a recognizable word, but we now have an appointment to get his hearing checked, and are going through the (slow) process of getting him evaluated by a speech therapist. He’s also be a really crappy sleeper lately, and we’re at the end of our ropes with it!! I understood when he was 6 months, but he’s over 18 months now – time to suck it up, kid, and sleep in your own bed without a bottle in the middle of the night!

There has been a lot more yelling in our house lately than usual. I think it’s because both DH and I have been more stressed out with work/school, and the kids – in all honesty – have been acting like little jerks. E has been especially defiant, and he’s picked up some very obnoxious behaviours/talk from school. Anyway, I can tell the yelling is increasing the anxiety levels in our house, and I don’t like that at all. So, time to put a reign on that (is that a thing?).

What’s up with you?


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