Triage Rut

Our life seems like triage lately. We just attend to what’s happening at the time, and not thinking about much else. The added unfortunate thing is that everything that needs attending too seems to be discipline related. I feel like my whole day and (especially) evening is about saying “no” or breaking up a fight/argument, or giving a time out. The in between time is filled with whining, crying, tattling, and high-pitched squealing.

And…summer hasn’t even started yet! E’s last day of school is next Thursday, then I’ll have both kids the majority of the time, except C will go to daycare on Tuesday/Thursdays. This is not something I’m excited about.

I’m also teaching an intensive exam prep-course, which I regret applying for. The prep is taking up a good portion of my very little free time, and then I have to teach during the evenings and weekends. At least I’ll get an iPad out of it.

I have all but stopped exercising, don’t eat well, and sleeping hasn’t been that great lately. I don’t spend much time on my hobbies, and I have a to-do list a million miles long.

I need to change things up before I end up in an anxiety and/or depression downward spiral.

How do you handle these times in life, and how do you turn things around?


Comments on: "Triage Rut" (2)

  1. Apparently I am doing it wrong, because your description of your life is mine too, yet I only have one kid and have really just assumed that it was my fate for the first few years and that it wasn’t that uncommon. I hope it is better than you expect!


    • Hmmm…I’m sure I have a similar post (or a few) from when we just had one…so perhaps it’s just universal. Sometimes I wonder why we decide to even become parents! The ignorance gets us :S


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