What’s Next?

A year ago, I was excited, but nervous about starting my BEd program. Would I be able to do it? Will I get to spend any time with my family? What kind of affect will that have on my kids and on our relationship? Will it all be worth it? But, I thought once I go through the program, it’ll be smooth sailing.

Now that I’m done, I realize that the hard part isn’t going back to school…it’s the part after…where I have to find work.

I heard from people everywhere, teachers and non-teachers alike, how hard it is to become a full-time teacher in the school system here. I knew that coming in, but my response has always been “I know…but I’m willing to put in the time to get there”, and that’s still true.

But, the problem is, I can only put in the time IF I get into the system…and that can’t happen without becoming a supply teacher first. And THAT can’t happen until the board(s) OPEN the supply list to take applications. As of yet, that hasn’t happened.

So, now I feel stuck. I have been looking into both part-time and full-time jobs, both related and unrelated to teaching. Through this, I’ve discovered that I can’t afford to work part-time because of daycare costs. So, that’s off the table. On the other hand, a full-time job would mean not being able to apply for the supply list if and when it opens…which is what I NEED to do in order to get on my way to teaching in the classroom, which is what I WANT.

So, now what, then? I’ve decided to keep myself available in case the supply list opens. DH and I when over everything on the weekend and came up with a sustainable, though not ideal, plan for the fall. E will be in senior kindergarten, and we’ll put him in before school care. C will continue to go to daycare 2x per week (like now). That gives me 2 days a week to volunteer in local schools so I can get into the classrooms more. Then, if and when the list opens up, and I apply, and they offer me a spot, I can start supplying at least 2x per week to begin with until we can bump C’s daycare enrolment up (because that’s a huge ball of wax to deal with too).

Nothing is easy these days. Sometimes I dream about having no other responsibilities but my own needs, and how much easier this all would be.

PS: randomly, why can’t I see all my category options for my blog posts in WordPress? It only lets me scroll down to “D”. 😛


Comments on: "What’s Next?" (2)

  1. Jennifer said:

    Maybe you could do some online/remote work part time? I came across this site recently with remote work opportunities (specifically for women): https://www.powertofly.com/

    I didn’t look at it really well and maybe those types of jobs are not exactly what you are looking for, but there might be some education related opportunities that come up… fingers crossed for you!


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