22 Months (OR Almost 2)

What’s the highest age you’ve heard someone use number of months for? I’ve heard into the 30’s. After a year old, we tend to use, or maybe half years (because 1.5 really IS hugely different than 1, but not so much between 35.5 and 36). If someone tells me how old their child is in months, it takes me a while to figure out how old that really is.

Anyway, I digress.

Carter will be 2 in October, and he’s been doing a lot of growing and changing lately.

  • He LOVES to climb and swing on bars at playgrounds
  • He really likes sports of any kind, and seems to be naturally athletic
  • One of his favourite games is to walk away slowly from me, and then start running and laughing when I go after him. This is not my favourite game, especially when it involves streets and/or parking lots.
  • Another favourite game is to run through the house, squealing, and getting us to chase him.
  • His vocabulary is getting better and he tries to mimic a lot of we say. He’s starting to string together 2-3 words (favourite lately was “me poop in bath” – DON’T ASK)
  • Speaking of #2, he things Poop is the funniest word ever.
  • Related: he actually did #1 on the toilet at daycare the other day, surprising the staff and definitely us (but we certainly don’t assume this means anything in this area).
  • To get my attention if I’m on my laptop/iPad, he puts his face right between me and the screen and says “HI!”
  • He loves anything having to do with dinosaurs or trucks. Obviously the new Netflix series Dinotrux is a huge hit.

He has seemed to grow up more over the summer, and is stronger, faster, and more independent. He’s definitely on his way into toddlerhood.



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  1. He’s adorable! It blows my mind how much these babies change in such a short time. They’re not really babies anymore!


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