Look Who’s Two

C turned 2 years old yesterday! It’s hard to believe that only two years ago he was born right in our living room, he started gabbing to DH right away, and now he’s our crazy toddler.

Our family has sure gone through a lot in the past 2 years, and big changes have happened. But, C has rolled with everything, and has mostly been his easy-going and happy self.

He is quickly turing into an almost stereotypical rough and tumble boy. He loves to rough-house, climb, jump (off anything with very little – or no – help). He loves all things truck, digger, and dinosaur related. He loves being outside for any reason whatsoever, and is very sports-inclined already.

He can be very stubborn, and can often be heard saying “No” to pretty much anything. But, he still loves to be snuggled, and gives the BEST hugs!

His language is developing – still a bit behind schedule with some milestones, but he can get his point across easily and he’s saying more and more things everyday.

He’s still not the greatest sleeper, given that he celebrated his second birthday by crying so loud at 4am that I ended up taking him into the guest bed with me and giving him milk so he’d calm down. It was like he wanted to relive his babyhood days 😛 At least this is not a regular occurrence, like it used to be.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember our family as just having three members. He has brought so much into our lives (besides the extra noise!). There are definitely some special moments between him and E, and I just love witnessing that relationship grow.

Happy 2 years, our little Carterpiller! We love you loads!

_DSC0685 copy


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