We have been talking for months about starting to give E an allowance. He’s 5 now. We were thinking $1-2/week, and not attaching it to any chores. We want to instil the idea that we ALL have to do chores – things responsible people just DO.

We’re not 100% sure on the idea, on how much to give, or if we should attach it to chores, etc..

So, what have you done with allowances? When did you start? How much did you give? What were the ground rules?


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  1. We started allowances fairly early with our kids; probably starting at age 4. Originally in order to earn allowance the kids had to do their chores, but they weren’t really motivated by that approach. We now give a set allowance that increases with the age of the child, but stipulate that 50% is fun money that they can spend whenever they want, 25% goes into long-term savings (once that builds up we deposit it in their bank account), and 25% goes into a charity fund. We find that this works well because they can buy what they want if they save up, they are putting some away for later, and the charity bucket pays for donations at school, bake sales, etc. and that isn’t always coming from Mom and Dad.
    In terms of chores, we made chore charts and the kids do as many chores as how old they are. If all the chores are done on a single day, then the child gets two poker chips. Each poker chip is worth 30 minutes of an electronic activity (TV, iPad, computer, etc.). Tying chores to a fun activity seems to be more effective and this also limits the time that they spend with electronic devices and they think carefully before spending their tokens.
    This works for us, but try out a few different things to see what will work for your family.


    • Thank for sharing what has worked with your family! I like the idea of having a set amount for a charity fund that they can use for donations at school. and I LOVE the trading tokens for electronic time.

      Can I ask how much you give for an allowance?


  2. We use the Melissa and Doug responsibility chart. On Sundays we let Adam choose what he wants to help with round the house for the week or we add and suggest items if we feel he needs to work on something. He receives 10 cents per completed task. It works out to $4.70 a week if he does everything, everyday (which never happens). It is suggested that children get $1 per year of age per week. 5 years old = 5 dollars. We just let him put it in his piggy bank to save for things he wants. We tried at first spitting it into spending, savings and charity but it just seemed to be too complicated for us at this time.

    We’ve also often fallen off the responsibility chart some weeks because we’ve been busy so consistency is something we can work on in this house.


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