2015 Review

I hope to keep this short, mostly because 2015 was generally “meh”.

If I were to describe the year in as few words as possible it would be “exhausting holding pattern”.

The first four months were alright, with me finishing up teacher’s college. But, after the excitement of taking another step along my career change path, things just kind of stopped.

The summer months were me being at home with the kids (which is pretty much my personal torture).

September brought on my first high school teaching job – a good first step, but it was way too much work (often worked all day, then all evening, taking away any fun time with family, friends, etc) for way too little pay. So, this was the last 3.5 months.

We were unable to do anything exciting around the house because of lack of income on my side (school, no job, then extremely low paying job will do that).

We did get to travel out west to visit our families for an extended time – that was probably the highlight.

So, though 2015 wasn’t a bad year, it certainly wasn’t all that fun either. Looking forward to the flip of the calendar in just a few days.


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