Brief Book Blurb

I just finished my first-ever Stephen King book: The Stand.


  1. It was LOONNGG: 1153 pages (longest novel I’ve ever read)
  2. The story was engrossing and epic.

For those who have not read the book, it’s an apocalyptic tale where a deadly virus gets accidentally released and kills 99% of the population. There are two groups of people in the United States (those in the East and those in the West) who are brought together by two figure-heads (a 108 year-old black women in the East and very dark and shady man for the West) through dreams.

The first 600 pages were a bit slow, but the cast of characters were interesting enough to keep me reading. Then things picked up and I whipped through the last 500 pages really quickly.

Even though this book had a lot of religious themes (which is usually a big turn off for me), I really enjoyed it, and give it a 4/5.

Have you read Stephen King before? If yes, what is your favourite book of his?


Comments on: "Brief Book Blurb" (2)

  1. After a read a few pages of “It” when I was 13 and didn’t sleep for weeks, I permanently banned Stephen King from my life…until I came across 11/22/63 (his non-horror, time-travel book) which was also quite long, but actually pretty good (but really, could’ve been a lot shorter)


    • I also stayed away from him because I am NOT a horror person, but The Stand was just a really good (and very long) apocalyptic story.


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