First Socks

One of my goals for 2017 was to attend a knitting class to learn how to make socks, and I did it! It was a 3-part class, which I wrote about more here.

I finished them today, and here’s the final product:


I really love knitting socks, and I think I might do another pair right off the bat next. Maybe yoga socks like these (source):

I’m signed up to do a shawl knit along in April. We’ll be working on the beautiful Waiting for Rain pattern (get here on Ravelry):


Comments on: "First Socks" (7)

  1. Congrats! They look great!

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  2. I’m so impressed. I can crochet but just can’t get the hang of knitting. All I can produce is garter stitch… I can not figure out purl stitches at all


  3. Nice!! Did you make them on round pins? (The ones with a link between the two sharp points). I’d like the yoga socks too, even though I love the toe coverage (where I get cold) a lot with knitted socks.

    Happy you made it well!!


    • I used double-point needles, not circulars. Though, I’ll be trying out short circular needles today to see how they feel.


      • aha, so you used four short double pointy needles? I haven’t done that in a while, lost my cool when I dropped rows….. clumsy me 😉


      • Yes, that’s right! I’m a loose knitter, so do drop stitches. I’ve found bamboo needs to be helpful since they provide more friction 😀


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