Fluff Books

I love me some chicklit, fluff books, especially in the summer! Here are a couple I read recently:

Who Do You Love: A Novel by [Weiner, Jennifer]

The first is something I found on the shelf at the cottage we recently rented. Once I read the synopsis and realized it had knitting involved, I though it’d be a perfect summer read. Yes – I was right! It took me two afternoons to read 😀

I didn’t know it was part of a series that followed the same female characters on their paths through womanly life (romance, jobs, family, etc), with scenes of knitting woven in (pun intended). Cute, fast, uncomplicated and predictable. Just what I look for in a fun read!

The second is yet another Jennifer Weiner book (I’ve read many), and one I bought at the end of the school year because I knew I could count on her for a good chicklit story. It follows the on-again off-again life-long romance that starts as a chance meeting in a hospital when the two main characters are children.

In all honestly, it didn’t capture me at the beginning like her other novels have. I felt a bit weird reading about childhood/teenage romance/sex! But, the story got more interesting as they got older. Another good summer read for me!

What are you favourite chicklit or summer reads?


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