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The Over-The-Top Pout

Sometimes, when E starts a new class/activity we enrol him in, he complete shuts down, starts pouting, refused to take part, stands by a wall/on the sidelines, and just shakes his head while repeating “no” anytime someone tries to get him to participate.

Notice how I say sometimes. He does not do this with outdoor soccer, and not when he knows someone else (so we try to do that when we can). He usually does not start out this way. Instead, usually a game of tag or something will send him into this state.

Both DH and I are at the end of our ropes with this behaviour. When it happened when he was 2 or 3, we just assumed he’d grow out of it. But, he keeps doing it as he gets older, and it gets more annoying every time (and embarrassing too!).

We’ve tried positive strategies (talking it up before hand, getting him to choose  the activities, being super encouraging, offering rewards, etc.), neutral strategies (ignoring behaviour), and negative strategies (time outs, lecturing, taking away privileges).

Sometimes he’ll eventually and reluctantly start participating, but with an over-the-top-pout, continually looking at us (to make sure we know he’s not happy?), faking like he’s hurt, etc.. NOTHING seems to have the desired affect of getting him to participate in a positive way.

Any thoughts or tips?? HELP!!!


(Not) Listening

Okay all…I know I haven’t been blogging much, but boy, I need help!

C is right smack in the middle of his terrible 2’s, and it’s really, truly, terrible. I remember this stage being difficult for E, with a handful of major temper tantrums, and a lot of whining, but this is practically impossible to deal with.

E has always been a rule-follower. He tends to push right to the line, but rarely goes over. C, on the other hand, sprints over the line and jumps off the cliff backwards with his eyes closed.

He doesn’t listen to anything we say. He always says “no” to absolutely anything. He has extreme meltdowns regularly. Time outs don’t work. Positive-reinforcement doesn’t work. Negative-reinforcement doesn’t work. Yelling doesn’t work. Hugging doesn’t work. NOTHING WORKS.

I know my description of his behaviour probably sounds “normal” to everyone who’s had a 2-year-old, but please trust me in that this is completely different than anything I’ve ever seen.

Does anyone have any suggestions – techniques, websites, books, secluded institutes we can ship him off to, anything?

I NEED HELP, especially since summer is coming up and I’ll have both boys at home (ARRGH).


Nicole & Maggie had a post about this the other day, but I had written and scheduled this before so I figured I’d still post it. 

One of my most embarrassing behaviours is the fact that I tend to tear up when frustrated or angry.

This is incredibly annoying when I’m in an argument with DH and I’m trying to be angry, but I end up crying.

It’s even worse when it happens in a work environment. I feel like it makes me look weak, like I can’t handle things. It clearly can leave a bad impression, and it can make people uncomfortable.

I don’t know how to stop it, and it drives me crazy!

I’m a very emotional person in general, and have a hard time hiding my true feelings. I find it hard to lie, even in situations where I know that I should just SHUT UP. These could be seen as strengths, but in some cases it really gets me into trouble or makes me look really bad.

Any one else like this? Anyone able to overcome it (especially the tearing-up)? Tips? Suggestions?

Triage Rut

Our life seems like triage lately. We just attend to what’s happening at the time, and not thinking about much else. The added unfortunate thing is that everything that needs attending too seems to be discipline related. I feel like my whole day and (especially) evening is about saying “no” or breaking up a fight/argument, or giving a time out. The in between time is filled with whining, crying, tattling, and high-pitched squealing.

And…summer hasn’t even started yet! E’s last day of school is next Thursday, then I’ll have both kids the majority of the time, except C will go to daycare on Tuesday/Thursdays. This is not something I’m excited about.

I’m also teaching an intensive exam prep-course, which I regret applying for. The prep is taking up a good portion of my very little free time, and then I have to teach during the evenings and weekends. At least I’ll get an iPad out of it.

I have all but stopped exercising, don’t eat well, and sleeping hasn’t been that great lately. I don’t spend much time on my hobbies, and I have a to-do list a million miles long.

I need to change things up before I end up in an anxiety and/or depression downward spiral.

How do you handle these times in life, and how do you turn things around?

Hair Poll!

Well, it’s been over 1.5 years since my stroke (and therefore since my head was shaved down to the scalp). I’ve seen my hair at all kinds of lengths, and am now ready to settle on my next style. I’m torn between two choices, so I’d love the opinion of my readers (if you’re still out there!).

So, here’s what I’m trying to choose between:


Choice #1: Pixie Cut


Choice #2: Sleek Bob

Vote here!

Blogger -> WP

I am in the midst of trying to move my blog from Blogger to WordPress – mostly because I like all the options of WordPress. I think I’ve managed to redirect the main page, but am still working on other things.

So, I apologize if things get messed up, because this is not as easy as I thought it would be!

If you have done this move successfully by yourself (to a “” blog — not one on another host), please let me know any tips!

Social Media Management

I need some advice about how to manage my social media accounts as I continue down the path to becoming a high school teacher.

Right now, the only social media account I’ve used in my teaching is my Twitter account. Nothing formal, but I have used it to connect with the schools I’ve worked with, and students have followed me.

I have started a new blog on Edublogs to write about my teaching experiences (I will share this in the near future, I promise!).

I have a second 6-week practicum coming up in March/April, and I want to use social media more in the classroom, but I’m wondering just how I should manage it.

Facebook is completely off the table for teaching purposes right now. I only use it for personal reasons now, and don’t think it’s a good idea to change that.

I want to have my two separate blogs, since it’s a natural split to have my more personal posts here, and teaching-related posts on the other one. I will probably link from this blog to the Edublog, but probably not the other way around (mostly because, even though I don’t think I’ve posted anything all that controversial,  somethings in my archives I’d rather not share with students/parents/other teachers).

I might also make a separate website that is specifically for students & parents with assignments, resources, calendars, etc.

One thing I’m not sure about is Twitter. I have one account right now that’s now called “MsAGilbert” (which I changed so I could use it as a teacher). That happens to be the name of my Edublog. I have been using it for both personal and professional use. So, I’m trying to decide between the following options:

1. Keep having just one Twitter account linking to it from both (all) blogs/websites.

2. Keep the one Twitter account and only linking to it from one blog and not have Twitter at all for the other.

3. Creating a Twitter account to be associated with each blog.

I lean toward #3 because I do post controversial/opinionated (to some) things on Twitter that might not good in the teaching world, and I would like to have a teaching account that I can use both in and out of the classroom. BUT, my problem is my current Twitter account is very connect to my personal blog (this one) and most of my followers associate the two. That causes a problem because I’d rather use MsAGilbert for my teaching account – which means having to come up with a new name for another Twitter feed, which could be really confusing.

What do you think, readers? Do you have more than one Twitter account? How do you manage your social media? Any Twitter handle suggestions?

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