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Close Enough For Jazz

In high school, I loved music, and played the clarinet classically, as well as jazz tenor and baritone saxophones. 

Tuning was always an important part of our warm-up, and was especially critical in classical, since it can be really obvious when even one instrument is ever-so-slightly out of tune. We would spend whole class periods working on being able to pick out who was out of tun and by how much.
For jazz, our teacher wasn’t nearly as hardcore about it. In fact, jazz can sound a bit better if the ensemble isn’t perfectly in tune. So, he would often say during these tuning sessions, “close enough for jazz.”
For some reason, the phrase really resonated with me (pun slightly intended), and I find myself muttering it 20ish years later…when I’m folding laundry, searching for something at the store but can’t find exactly what I’m looking for, or when I’m adding spices to dinner.
Now, it fits perfectly with my general outlook for life – “good enough”. Clearly our music teacher was on to something.
What things did you learn as a kid still resonate with you?

Things I Miss

I’ve been thinking a lot lately of things I used to do and was really good at – either in my childhood or later on – that I really miss now. 
1. Dance – I’ve always been a dancer at heart, but I took jazz dance lessons from the ages of 8-16, and then ballroom dance lessons in my mid-20s. I’d like to find some adult jazz and/or hip-hop dance classes.
2. Music – I played concert clarinet from grade 7-12, and jazz tenor/baritone saxaphone in grades 10-12. I adored music so much, and was pretty damn good if I say so myself, that I even auditioning for a university music program before deciding to go into astronomy/physics. After high school, I still played in an adult band for a couple years, and joined a university ensemble during my MSc. I’d like to get back into music, but not sure if I want to pull my clarinet out of the closet and join an ensemble here, or take up a new instrument like piano.
3. Golf – My dad started me golfing when I was about 6 and I played on a pretty regular basis until I was about 15. I took lessons, played in tournaments, and was pretty decent. In my adult years, I’ve played from time to time – usually a few times per year – but it would be nice to get back into it in a more meaningful way. 
I’m hoping 2013 will allow me to get back to some of these things that brought me so much joy at one point or another during my life.

33 vs. 23

Meme I saw on Ella’s blog: what are 10 things you care about now that you didn’t care about 10 years ago?
1. Politics
2. Getting to bed at 10pm
3. Kid-friendly activities
4. Following a budget
5. Feminism
6. Wearing sunscreen
7. Wearing a bike helmet
8. Recycling
9. Warm winter boats/hats/coats
10. Good cheese
What would your list look like?

If I Only Knew

The other day, DH and I were talking about how lazy we were before we had Evan. I mean, we had so much time we were constantly complaining that we were bored. I wish I could go back, slap the both of us, and tell us to:

– Travel as much as you can
– Go out for long, quiet dinners at expensive restaurants
– Read books and newspapers in bed on Sunday mornings (or anytime, really)
– Have adult-only dinner parties, and linger at the table with lots of wine and good, uninterrupted conversation
– Watch your favorite TV shows at the actual time they air
– Go to sporting events, concerts, movies, and plays
– Play different sports and hit up the gym whenever you can
– Sign up for classes, like cooking, yoga, and photography
– Enjoy eating all meals at a leisurely pace (actually, enjoy doing anything at a leisurely pace)

I do wish that we had taken more advantage of the (now) seemingly infinite free time we had. But, would I trade Evan in to do any or all of the above? Absolutely not. Our lives are busy now – hectic even – but we’re also happier and more fulfilled with the little guy around. And, as Evan gets older, we’ll be able to do those things more and more, and have the best of both worlds.

For the parents out there: what are things you miss about your child-free days?

For the non-parents: what are your favorite things about being child-free?

High School Music Teacher

I got a message today that my high school music teacher is retiring. He was my favorite teacher, and he was the one that pushed me to become an excellent clarinetist. He was always very supportive of each of his students – whether they were the top of the class, or barely able to put three notes together. He knew how to get the best out of each and every one of us, and his music ensembles always did extremely well in the festivals.

You could tell he was a very influential teacher because he would constantly get visitors that were previous students of his. In fact, I’ve been back to my high school a number of times just to visit him, and I know many of my classmates have done the same.

There will be a retirement party for him in mid-June back in Calgary (my home town), and I’m contemplating going back for it. But, with the house and other stuff going on, I’m not sure if I have the time or the money. Granted – if I do go back, I’d get to see my family too, which is always a bonus (right parents? :D). Hmm…not sure what to do!

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