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Up A Tree

There is a new cat in the neighbourhood (from a couple houses down, we found out). It’s black, very young, and super friendly! So friendly, it has tried to come into our house on a number of occasions. Our male cat, Isaac, who is a big and old boy, considers himself the alpha around these parts. He does not like this new one poking about, but he’s pretty calm about the whole thing, as long as he asserts his dominance once in a while.

It’s (Evan called him “the new Isaac”) a very adventurous cat. The other day it decided to chase a bird, who was perched in the highest branches of one of our trees in the backyard.

That silly bird thought it was safe that high up.

After some coaxing, and a few scrambles to not fall to his death, he made his way down low enough that I could grab him as he was dangling from a not-so-stable branch by his claws.

At least it made for some good entertainment for the kids (even though I practically had a heart attack, thinking I was going to have to clean up cat guts from the lawn if he did fall).


Sweetheart to Ruthless Hunter in 3 Days

I’ve had my cat, Isaac, for 11 years now. He’s been an indoor cat for all that time. But, this past summer, he’s decided he wants to spread his wings and roam free. 
He goes in and out generally as he pleases, but we do make sure he’s inside at night. He used to just hangout in the backyard, but now roams the neighbourhood. I know I shouldn’t let him do that, but 1) have you tried telling a cat where they can and cannot go?, 2) there are other cats around here that do the same thing, and 3) he’s 11 – I feel like he’s earned the right to put himself in danger of getting caught in a garage, getting stuck in the rain, or chased by neighbours with axes.
He’s been having a good time with it all, I think. He has a swagger to him that he didn’t before – like he’s saying “I’m a real cat now, biotches!!”
But, something changed in the last 3 days. He’s brought home 4 dead mice and left them on our deck. And, by the pile of feathers we found in the backyard, we’re pretty sure he at least attempted to kill a bird. I get that cats like to bring their owners…umm…”gifts”…but it’s pretty nasty. 
My sweet little cuddle cat has turned into a ruthless killing machine! I’m a little scared he might slice my neck open in my sleep. 
Good thing we still have our other cat who’s so lazy she can’t even be bothered to lick her butt, and has absolutely no interest in going outside.

Cat Mats

One of our cats, Izzie, tends to get really bad mats in her fur. They’re mostly on her back near her tail, and we think she gets them because she’s a little on the “voluptuous” side and can’t really reach back there. She also has problems with getting…um….feces stuck in her butt fur (or, as my sister-in-law likes to call them, “dingleberries”).
I’ve been trying to comb out the mats, but it’s next to impossible. The clumps are huge and her fur is really thick. Plus, she doesn’t like to be touched in general, so the claws and teeth come out rather quickly. I have gotten a few out – a couple I had to cut out – but there are so many I don’t really know what to do.
So, cat owners – help! Do your cats have this problem? Do you deal with it or take them to a groomer or something?

Isaac’s a Boob

I got my cat, Isaac, when I moved to Winnipeg for my masters at the very end of 2002.

Fig. 1: Isaac.

We have been through a lot together: moving five times (once to another city), driving half-way across the country, two cats (a male cat, Claude, who died a few years ago, and now a female cat, Isabella), and of course the addition of a husband and baby. I love him. He’s my cuddle buddy, and he still sleeps with me every night. I’ve often told DH that if I had to choose between him and Isaac, Isaac would win because we’ve been together longer (DH does not find this particularly funny, but I think I’m being cute).

But, recently I sometimes want to drop-kick the damn cat across the room.

He has this incredibly annoying habit of doing this howling/meowing thing just as Evan is nodding off for the night at about 7pm. Then, he does the same damn thing when DH and I go to bed a few hours later and are just starting to fall asleep.

I don’t know why he does it, but I do know how to shut him up: I have to practically mail him a written invitation to get into bed with us. I can’t just call him once. Nope. I have to call him 3-4 times before he comes upstairs. Then, once he’s in the vicinity of our bedroom, I have to tap the bed. He’ll come closer, but will sit beside the bed, waiting for me to make room beside me and tap the bed while saying “come on, Isaac”. Finally, after this 5-minute dance, he’ll come on to the bed and lie down.

Sometimes that’s it for the night. Sometimes it’s not — he’ll jump down five minutes later to go check something out and then the whole process starts again.

Isaac, I love you buddy, but SHUT THE HELL UP, ALREADY!

The Heebee-Jeebees

Last night, as I was getting ready for bed, I noticed this ENORMOUS centipede-type bug just hanging out beside the scale in the bathroom. It didn’t move for a while, so I was hoping it was dead. But, then I made some sort of noise and it frickin’ skittered across the floor to the other side of the bathroom.

I freaked out and ran into our hallway/landing thing, and told my cat to go get it. A few hours before, I saw him deeply concentrated on something on the bathroom floor, and figured this must be what he was concentrating on.

Funny enough, he wasn’t much help. I don’t think he quite understood what I wanted him to do. In any case, I had to go back in the bathroom to finish brushing my teeth, and the damn thing skittered across the floor again. This time I let out a little squeal, and the cats proceeded to get puffy. Thanks for the help, kitties!

I did not sleep well last night. I kept having these dreams of enormous, gross looking bugs that can run faster than I can. Every time I woke up, I had to do a check of the bed to make sure the damn thing wasn’t cuddling up with me. And, I couldn’t avoid going to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

I’m still having a case of the heebee-jeebees every time I even think about it…and it’s not like I can avoid going into the bathroom!

Ugh – this is one thing I miss about living on the 12th floor of an apartment building.


Some of you asked to see the house, so here it is:

Fig. 1: Our house.

It took our cats a while to come out from under the bed to start investigating the joint. Isaac is fairing much better than Izzie, who basically just stays in our bedroom or eats. I have a feeling the kitchen renovations, which start today, are not going to help settle them down.

Being an ultra-organized person, living in a sea of boxes is killing me. Hopefully we can get things unpacked in a decent amount of time.

An Open Letter

Dear Isaac (aka Isaacness, or ness for short),

I realize, being a cat and all, you can’t really read…but why must you puke on our carpet at the most inconvenient times? I mean, you can’t do it while we’re just sitting around doing nothing. Nope – it’s got to be while we’re sleeping (so we forget about it and end up stepping in it) or just as we’re running out the door.

No wonder you’re so hungry all the time! I mean, damn – you’re bordering on bulimia here. How about you eat a bit slower so I don’t have to clean up after you every second day? It’s to the point where I just want to put it back in your dish so you can eat it again.

It’s a good thing you’re cute, and that you have your daddy to protect you.

your humble owner

PS: Izzie, don’t think you’re getting off scot-free – you’re next!

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