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Why the Blogosphere is Awesome

A couple weeks ago, I was lamenting about my lack of pregnancy wardrobe. That’s when GMP, from Academic Jungle, came to the rescue and offered to send me some of her maternity clothes.
Not being one to turn down an amazing offer, I gladly accepted, and now have a much wider variety of clothing to choose from that can hopefully get me to the end of the pregnancy.
And this is one of the reasons why the blogging community is awesome! GMP and I can hardly say we “know” each other – I didn’t even know her name – but she was willing to help me out anyway.
Thanks, GMP!!!

Dressing the PG Body

With the heat rising and my belly (and other things) getting bigger, it’s been getting harder and harder to pull together reasonable looking outfits for work. 
A couple months back, I bought a whole pile of slightly used maternity clothes (who wants to spend full price on clothes that you’re only going to wear for a few months?), and splurged on some new items too. With seemingly endless combinations of outfits I could put together, I thought I was set for the rest of my pregnancy. 
Apparently, I forgot how things progress while pregnant during the summer.
The very fashionable skinny jeans and dress pants I bought, while still fitting nicely around the belly, are already tight in the hips.
Some of the tops are already too short to fit over my belly.
My feet are growing/swelling so that my shoes are tight.
The heat means there’s no way in hell I’m wearing layers, which is a problem because…
…all of a sudden my boobs have grown multiple cup sizes, making what used to be relatively conservative necklines into cleavage-ville.
Getting dressed for work sucks these days. I seriously get angry even thinking about having to wear a camisole underneath a top because…HEAVEN FORBID…someone might be able to see a bit of cleavage (GASP!!!). Knowing I can’t even wear half my maternity pants anymore makes me want to weep. Putting my shoes on in the morning just makes me cringe.
And I’m only 24 weeks along!
The one good thing about all of this is how amazing it feels to come home, get out of my work clothes, and put on a big t-shirt, cotton shorts, and flip-flops.
Just hoping I can make it to Sept. 13th (last day of work!!) with a somewhat intact ability to dress appropriately, then the above becomes my uniform until Jelly Bean arrives (and, let’s be honest, for months after except substituting sweatpants and socks for the shorts and flip-flops in the fall). It will be glorious. 

Just the Pants, Thanks

When did clothes shopping start to feel like running through an up-sale obstacle course?
I was recently shopping for some pants in a store I regularly shop in:
“Hi! Can I help you find anything?”
“No, thanks…I’m just looking right now.”
“Well, if you haven’t been in for a while, here’s a HUGE LONG EXPLANATION of our store layout and our current sales which are posted obviously all over the place.”
“Great, thanks”. Goes over to the jeans to pick out some to try on.
“Did you need any help with sizes? Sometimes different styles fit different ways and other obvious things that people who have shopped for their own clothing for 20+ years know already.”
“Yes – it looks like all these come in my size. Thanks!” Heads to dressing room.
“How are the sizes? Sometimes your size will change depending on the fit….yadda, yadda, yadda…”
“Everything fits fine, thanks”. Tries on 4 pairs of pants and a skirt, decides 3 pants work very well. Comes out of the changing room.
“How did everything go? Do you need tops too? How are you doing for bras and panties (??)?”
“I’ll take these three and these didn’t work. I don’t need anything else.”
“Oh – was it the size or the style? Is there something I can magically do to those garments to make you want to plunk down cash on them needlessly? Or something else I can do to make you spend money on other things you don’t want?”
“They just didn’t work. I’ll take these.”
“Do you have our uber-duber special membership card that gets you 1% off with every $3456 you spend in the month of May every second year?”
“I might…I don’t carry cards though.”
Looks me up in the system using my phone number and makes sure every single bit of contact information is still current.
“I assume you’ve started your spring time skin rejuvenating regime?”
“Um, no…I don’t even know what that means. No thanks.”
“What?? But you don’t want your skin to look horrible once sandals and shorts season is here!!!”
Just give me the pants. Just give me the pants. JUST GIVE ME THE FUCKING PANTS.
“So, you’re $2 short to get a $50 gift card…what would you like to buy? We have a giant list of useless things, these accessories, and OH YES, our amazing skin cream for the regime I was trying to sell you before.”
“Just give me one of those random accessories.” 
Idle conversation about the lack of a chip on my credit card, the weather, etc..
“Okay!! So, here’s a summary of your whole shopping experience. Here’s some other information that you will never use and is totally useless. Thanks for coming in, and remember, if you need tops, bras, panties, skin care, or ANYTHING else, come back! We’ll call you to remind you!!!”
“Thanks for your help – bye.”
Didn’t clothes shopping used to be simple?

Ladies – Get Fitted!!

I was unsure whether to post about this. But, it was such a life-altering, epiphany-inducing experience, that I just have to share it. Pictures and all.

We’ve all heard the stats on Oprah, in women’s magazines, or from our friends: Over 70% of women are not wearing the right bra ( And we’ve all sat there smugly thinking, “How can so many women not know their bra size?!”.

Well, take a look in the mirror, sweetheart – because, unless you’ve been professionally fitted in the last 12 months, I can pretty much guarantee you’re part of that statistic.

I had my first appointment with the wardrobe consultant this past week*, and she said she would not go clothes shopping with me until I’ve had a proper bra fitting. She gave me the name of her favorite lingerie store in town (Linea Intima), and told me to get it done ASAP.

I had a feeling I wasn’t wearing the right bra, as my ladies have gone through a tremendous transformation over the past year due to pregnancy and pumping. So, I called and made an appointment. It took about two minutes for the woman to measure me, but I was right. Instead of the 36/38 C/D bras I was wearing, it turns out I’m a 34E. For those of you who know bra sizing, that is quite the difference.

I tried on the first bra and I was absolutely astounded at how different I looked. Now, I know some of you are sitting there thinking “Really? I mean, yeah, you might feel better with better support, but did it actually look any different?”.

Yes. And here’s the proof (yes, I’m actually posting pictures on the internet for the purpose to have people look at the ladies. Crazy? Maybe. But it just shows you how important I think this is!):

If you can’t see the difference, I’ll eat my hat.

It look a zillion times better: the ladies are lifted to the proper height (they should sit about half way between your shoulder and elbow), and my waist looks more defined and smaller because you can see the top of my ribcage. It also feels a zillion times better. I am constantly getting headaches and have problems with my neck and shoulders, and I know those issues get better when I’m wearing a properly fitted bra.

So, ladies, I beg of you, if there is one thing you indulge in over the next month or two, it’s a really great, properly fitted bra! I don’t care if you’re young or old, big or small. DO it! And don’t go to a chain store at the mall. Go to a higher-end lingerie store with people that know what they’re doing. Yes, you’ll pay a lot more for a good bra (the one I bought was about $150 after taxes), but it will so be worth it. Trust me.

*I have three more appointments with my wardrobe consultant. I intend to do a week-long exposé on my experience in early May, so stay tuned!

Fashion Homework

I have made an appointment with a stylist to come to my house at the end of the month. I am very excited about it, and I hope that I can get a lot more mileage out of my current wardrobe than I do now.

She sent me some homework to do before our session. One of the things I have to do is go through magazines and pick out clothing, jewelry, furniture, etc. that I really love. I picked up a Vogue, In Style, and a couple other magazines. The problem I’m finding is that I’m not much into trends, and these magazines tend to focus on those. Plus, there isn’t a ton of selection in the pages of a magazine.

So, I would also like to search around on the web for things. And this is where my readers come in. Let me know and fashion blogs or websites you really like, or online stores you frequent. Any suggestions would be great!


One of my resolutions is to get some style before I head back to work. So, I’m considering getting a personal stylist to help me out with my look a bit.

I think I dress pretty well (especially compared to a lot of people in physics!), but I would like my wardrobe to be more complete, polished, and versatile. I would like to have a wide range of outfits – not just a top and bottom, but adding jackets, cardigans, belts, and accessories into the mix as well.

Here is my predicament though: hiring a personal stylist is pretty expensive, so I wouldn’t be able to afford a color analysis, AND a body analysis, AND a hair analysis, AND to have the person look at what I currently have, AND have them come shopping with me.

So, here’s what I’m thinking: if I go for either one of the last two (looking at my current wardrobe or getting them to shop with me), they would obviously end up letting me know what colors look good on me and what styles are best for my body type. Thus, negating the need for those two services separately. I’m happy with my make-up, and I can just go to a hair stylist to get a new cut.

Which would be more useful and fun then? Getting someone to go through my current wardrobe and then figuring out what pieces I need to make it more functional, or getting someone to go shopping with me to get main pieces to build a wardrobe around?

Good Role Model

A couple days ago DH and I were out and saw a woman wearing this t-shirt:

Figure 1: Classy t-shirt by Hustler (link from

Now, I think I would have been offended if anyone was wearing this shirt, but this particular woman was with her two pre-teen daughters.

I don’t know – maybe I’m just super judgmental, but is that really the message you want to be sending to your kids? I mean, there are multiple things wrong with this in my mind: the language is tasteless (don’t we try to minimize this language around children?), it’s by Hustler (women should only be valued for their looks!), and it’s promoting violence as a cute thing (note the princess crown – eta: those are apparently brass knuckles. How sweet!). Not exactly setting up your daughters to be strong (of the mind) women.

What do you think?

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