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Hair Poll!

Well, it’s been over 1.5 years since my stroke (and therefore since my head was shaved down to the scalp). I’ve seen my hair at all kinds of lengths, and am now ready to settle on my next style. I’m torn between two choices, so I’d love the opinion of my readers (if you’re still out there!).

So, here’s what I’m trying to choose between:


Choice #1: Pixie Cut


Choice #2: Sleek Bob

Vote here!



One of my resolutions is to get some style before I head back to work. So, I’m considering getting a personal stylist to help me out with my look a bit.

I think I dress pretty well (especially compared to a lot of people in physics!), but I would like my wardrobe to be more complete, polished, and versatile. I would like to have a wide range of outfits – not just a top and bottom, but adding jackets, cardigans, belts, and accessories into the mix as well.

Here is my predicament though: hiring a personal stylist is pretty expensive, so I wouldn’t be able to afford a color analysis, AND a body analysis, AND a hair analysis, AND to have the person look at what I currently have, AND have them come shopping with me.

So, here’s what I’m thinking: if I go for either one of the last two (looking at my current wardrobe or getting them to shop with me), they would obviously end up letting me know what colors look good on me and what styles are best for my body type. Thus, negating the need for those two services separately. I’m happy with my make-up, and I can just go to a hair stylist to get a new cut.

Which would be more useful and fun then? Getting someone to go through my current wardrobe and then figuring out what pieces I need to make it more functional, or getting someone to go shopping with me to get main pieces to build a wardrobe around?

Going Girlie!

I have my last meeting with my advisory committee next Tuesday, and I’ve decided to go with a very nice, purple, girlie layout! Male physicists need some beauty in their lives, right?

I’m actually fairly excited about this meeting. Last time, in August, they said if I could have one paper submitted and one partly written by our next meeting then they would be comfortable with my deadline of submitting my thesis by the end of the summer. Well, by their standards I’m way ahead: one paper is accepted, and the other one is ready to submit (as of today!) – we’re just waiting for the okay from our collaborators! Plus, half my thesis intro is written, and I’m done the data reduction for the third project already. Boo-ya, committee!!

I’ve decided to have this comic as my last slide. Hopefully thesis writing isn’t that painful for me.

Happy (Late) Birthday to Me

I know my birthday was last week, but oh well!

Here is what my wonderful DH got me:

I’m pretty excited for all of these books! He also is taking me out for dinner next weekend (we were supposed to go on my birthday, but we were both sick).

And here is something I got myself:

I love pedicures! They’re so luxurious and make me feel womanly 😉 Now I just need some sexy shoes (and dress, and to get my hair done — and some fancy place to go) to go with it!

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