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NHL Hockey Pool – Week 8 Results

I don’t think Cath is back yet, so I’ll post the results for this week as well.

It wasn’t exactly a stellar week for most of us – except for ScientistMother, who kicked all our butts by at least 11 points, and took over 3rd place overall! Congrats on a great week, SM!


NHL Pool: Week 7 Results

This was a better week than last for most of us!

Not sure when Cath gets back, so I may or may not be posting the results next Monday as well.

Good luck everyone!

Hockey Pool: Week 6 Results

Since Cath is basking away somewhere sunny and hot, I volunteered to update the NHL hockey pool stats until she gets back (hope you’re having a great trip, Cath!!). I’ll show the data in two different ways for your viewing pleasure (note that, in both ways, I have taken over the lead!).

Bring it on, Week 7!

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