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A Blog Meme?? Hell, yes!

Apparently Drugmonkey has started a blog meme, and babyattachmode has perpetuated it.

Ah, this takes me back…what a time the early 2000s were for blogging!!

So, I’m supposed to make a list of five TV/Movie characters that I’d like to rescue me from a bad situation. Here’s mine:

  1. Mark Watney from The Martian
  2. Dwight Shrute (I’m re-watching it right now, ok?)
  3. Po the Panda
  4. The dogs from Paw Patrol
  5. Anyone but Trump

So, apparently I don’t watch a lot of TV and movies and when I do, it’s either old, kids stuff, or news. BORING!!

I tag Jenny F. Scientist and Cloud.


PR in the Family?

This image has been circulated around Facebook lately:

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 9.03.09 AM

…and many of my (girl)friends generally agree this is true to reality in their home.

I know it is in mine. In fact, DH often tells me that I’m in charge of PR in our home. I think that’s pretty typical. Honestly, I’m pretty sure nothing like gifts, cards, birthday wishes would be sent if I wasn’t around. This goes for appointment making, rsvp’ing to social engagement, getting & bringing host/hostess gifts to such engagements, etc.

If you live with someone else, who is in charge of “PR”? Is it mostly on one person, or is it shared?

Why do these tasks *typically* fall on women?


Show & Tell

I saw this meme over at Livin’ the Dream, and thought – since I’ve been low on blog fodder lately – I’d go ahead with it.

1.  tell us about your five favourite memories in your life.

In no particular order:
– Our wedding day. Specifically being outside the hall in the lobby, chatting with DH, with music and laughter flooding through the doors.
– The day we took possession of our house. I remember walking through the front door with so much excitement and nervousness!
– One family Thanksgiving dinner where 8 of us went through 10 bottles of wine.
– Evan: so many, it’s hard to choose one. One of my recent favorites: having a leaf fight at a nearby park. I could listen to him laugh all day.
– On our trip to South America in 2009, jumping off a sail boat and swimming in the warm tropical waters near Rio.

2.  show us three of your favourite beauty products.

– Body Shop Shea Body Butter: I use this on my feet every morning and they are so soft!

– Eyelash/brow brush: I use this to brush my eyebrows – weird, but I feel more put together.
– Pur minerals make-up brush: I use this to put my foundation on. It’s very luxurious, even if I’m only putting that on for the day.

3.  tell us what your favourite tv shows are to watch.

In no particular order: Big Bang Theory, New Girl, Grey’s Anatomy, Dragon’s Den, Modern Family, Top Chef, House Hunters, and NFL. 

4.  show us two of your favourite pictures.

5.  tell us your favourite things to do during “me time.”

I’d like to say knit, read, and workout — but these days it’s more like veg out in front of the TV while surfing the net. I need to get my priorities straightened out!

I Am An Meme List

A couple weeks ago, I challenged my readers to take part in the “I am an…” meme. Writers were asked to tell us what they were like as a child, and now, to show that there is a huge variety of people doing a huge variety of things. We do not fit into stereotypical boxes and just because someone liked pink and dolls as a girl doesn’t mean she won’t be a scientist, and just because someone didn’t do well in certain classes in high school doesn’t mean they can’t study that later on.
Here are the submitted posts – they’re all great reads, so go check them out!

Neil Gerhels @ Women in Astronomy (not an official meme post, but it’s written in the same theme)

Guest Post 2: I am an…

Nicky, who found out about the I Am An… meme through Jenny F. Scientist, PhD’s blog, wrote a great post herself. Thanks for writing, Nicky! To see my post and the list of others, go here.
When I was a little girl, I never wore shoes. I was loud and liked to lay upside-down on my grandmother’s couch and put my feet on her walls.  I loved picking berries, going fishing with Grandpa, exploring the woods with my brother, and eating beets with mayonnaise and lettuce sandwiches from my grandparents’ garden.

When I got to school, my best friend was smarter than me and I envied her extra credit ocean creatures workbook. I persuaded the teacher to give me my own and loved it, even though it was too hard. In 3rd grade, I discovered Nancy Drew, and never got through the long division worksheets. I loved building and watching fires on weekends at our lake lot.

We moved. I was bullied and retreated farther into books.  I became quiet and  I discovered Narnia. We moved again, I started puberty and was happier reading in the library than playing outside at recess.  In one year, I read more books than anyone else had read in their six years of elementary school. I failed 6th grade math and science. I got my desperately-needed glasses and made some friends.

In middle school, my math teacher discovered I was bored and bumped me to high school algebra. I had some excellent teachers and discovered Little House on the Prairie. I got a 26 on my ACT college entrance exam in 8th grade.  I wanted to be a librarian.

At 12, I planted veggies and roses and killed everything with neglect. I cooked supper for my family every day after school, so my parents could come home to food on the table. I wanted to save the world.

In high school, I took Chemistry from Mr. Hall. He made everyone memorize the periodic table, and when we started to look bored, would set something on fire. I learned the different colors of fireworks came from different elements burning. He also taught physics, and we shot a spud gun in the football field to test physical laws. I spent my sophomore year reading literary classics for fun, and read a book a day.  I got a 32 on my ACT and applied to colleges.

In college, I was a Chem Demon (chemistry demonstrator) and finally got over my fear of public speaking by setting things on fire in front of a hundred people.  I loved knowing my profs and enjoyed nearly every class.  I met my husband and married him after we graduated, both of us were “Best Chemistry Student” 4 years in a row (he was the year behind me).  We headed to grad school.

I was surrounded by brilliant profs with no time to talk, and took useless classes while I struggled to define a project. I fell asleep reading scientific articles. I enjoyed teaching Biochem Lab, though I had never taken it as an undergrad. I successfully presented my prelim to my committee that loved me, but I still wasn’t happy.  I wanted to MAKE something, DO something useful!  I gave birth to my son and realized I was happier spending a bad day with him than a good day in lab. I wrote my Masters thesis, graduated, and had my second son a few years later.

Now, I’m home with my boys (ages 4 and 2). I read lots of parenting books at first, and observed their reactions to various parenting methods until I found ways that worked. Oldest boy requires regular sleep, healthy food, and just enough exercise or else his little brain turns off his reasoning center and a TANTRUM is imminent.  Youngest boy does well with his brother’s schedule, but he is much easier and happier. And more stubborn.  I am so happy to be able to cook a decent meal every night, and eat it at our dining room table.  I do 90% of the shopping and invest our savings in a diversified portfolio of mutual funds.  I analyze my household chores and determine the most efficient ways to complete them.  I listen to Science Friday podcasts while doing dishes. The boys are asleep by 8:00 pm every night, so DH and I have quiet kid-free time to unwind and catch up with each other.

We moved to a house with a yard (50′ x 150′, minus the 30’x30′  house) nearly 2 years ago, and I’ve read almost every gardening book in our library system. I’ve put in raised beds for veggies, 14 fruit trees, 20 fruit bushes, and my favorite flowers here and there. I volunteer to prune the fruits at a public garden in town.  I just turned 30.  I love picking berries, fishing with my oldest boy, hiking with my husband, eating roasted beet salads and home-grown lettuce sandwiches. My kids never wear shoes. I still want to save the world, but I’ll start with my own little corner and my own little boys. Only God knows what I’ll do when I return to paid work.

I am a mom, wife, gardener, iron chef, cleaning lady, and financial analyst.

Guest Post: I am an…

Mari, a friend of mine from another online venue and commenter on the blog, wanted to add a post to my “I am an…” meme. Thanks for writing, Mari! You can see my post and a list of others here.
When I was a young kid I was quiet and shy. I had a lot of trouble making friends in school and felt like an outsider most of the times. I did enjoy playing with  my sister and brother and with my many cousins, so I wasn’t really lonely. I also discovered books, and spent many, many hours with them. I loved pink, lace, flowers and dresses. Unfortunately, my mom (who is a very sensible woman) thought those clothes were not comfortable and got too dirty, so instead I had to use lots of navy blues and tartans.
As a teenager I had already found the way to making friends, and had a good group of girlfriends in school. I also was part of the church’s youth groups. I discovered boys, but somehow I managed to always fall for the guy who didn’t know I existed. I also discovered that I loved history, if “ancient” much better. I dreamed to become an archaeologist… I had trouble fitting with the moment’s ideal of beauty, but I managed to stay in a healthy place about my body.
Out of High School, I had to decide a career path… Archaeology seemed so hard and distant… I wanted a family someday, and babies and excavations didn’t seem compatible.  One day I realized that what I loved the most about history was to learn “how people lived”, and that buildings were a huge part of that. I still don’t know why it seemed like such a good idea, but I started to study architecture.
I was also really active in the youth groups, becoming a leader for the younger kids, always going on church camps and retreats. I made friendships in those years that are still strong. I also made the usual amount of mistakes regarding men and relationships, usually because I fell in love with my mental picture of the guy, instead of who the guy really was.
Once I graduated I started to explore other interests, like landscaping, and have been trying ever since to make a business out of it. I met my husband, married and had two kids. I spend most of my days in sweats, but I like to wear high heels and make up when going out.
I still love reading and history, but there is so much more now, like gardening, cooking, sewing and just enjoying being a wife and a mom.

I Am A ___ Meme

There has been a lot of talk recently about what kind of people make good role models.  Specifically, should female scientists be girlie or tomboyish?
Well, I’m here to say, who cares? Instead of trying to put people in preconceived stereotyped boxes, how about we show students and children the diversity of people interested in and doing science? How about you can be a scientist if you’re girlie, a tomboy, geeky, sporty, or some combination of everything and anything in between?
So, here is my request to my readers and fellow bloggers: write a description of yourself both as a kid and now. What were you like as a kid? What kinds of things did you enjoy? What about now? Then, end it with “I am a ____” (where ____ is whatever you do – because this isn’t an issue only in the sciences).
Bloggers: send me a link of your post so I can make a list available. 
Don’t have a blog but want to contribute? Send your post to me and I’ll host it on my blog.
Who’s in?

Also, if you’re interested in smashing the scientist stereotype, you can submit a photo to This is What a Scientist Looks Like.

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