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SK Grad

Yesterday, E “graIMG_4367_cropduated” from senior kindergarten (SK). Here in Ontario, the kids start kindergarten the year they turn 4, and do 2 years (junior, and senior).

When E started, we were a bit concerned because of his shy and very dependent nature at the time. It was at least a couple of months before he wouldn’t fall asleep on the couch around 5pm every evening.

It was a bit of a tough transition, but he has grown in so many ways over the past 2 school years.

His writing is actually legible, and he’s beginning to sound out the spelling of words and being able to read sight words.

He’s very good with numbers, patterns, and anything math related (though a lot of this probably has to do with his parents!).

He’s much more confident now, and it sounds like he’s a leader in the classroom. He’s more willing to try new things and to take more risks.

He has made some good friends and seems to be pretty well-liked by his classmates.

We and his teachers definitely think he’s ready for grade 1, and he will probably do very well! It will be exciting to see how he grows with this next big transition from play-based learning to a more traditional classroom setting.

All About C

The daycare asked us to provide something for a display they’re putting together about the kids called “All about me”. They want to include info about each kid both from the perspective of the staff and the parents.

So, here’s my input about C:

C is outgoing, energetic, and a risk-taker at heart. He knows what he wants and doesn’t back down, but he’s also very in-tune with the emotions of his friends and family. He can often be heard asking “what happened?” or “what’s wrong?” when someone is hurt or upset. He loves to make people laugh, and can be super silly! He seems to be relatively laid-back (for a 2-year old): things don’t tend to phase him too much.


He love dinosaurs, cars, Lego, Paw Patrol, and his big brother. He hates eating at the table, going to nap (but he’s an awesome napper once asleep), not getting his way, and sometimes his big brother 😉

He thrives in the outdoors, and loves to explore. His favourite activity is to jump off anything he can climb onto and chase his brother (or us!) around. He LOVEs to rough-house with DH and E, but he loves to cuddle too.

His talking has exploded in the last couple of weeks, stringing together a couple sentences at a time. It seems like he asks more questions than making statements, like “what’s that?”, “what was that sound?”, “where did X go?”, and more. He’s definitely interested in learning about everything around him.

We’re looking forward to watching how he’ll change and grow as he moves from toddler to little boy.


Look Who’s Two

C turned 2 years old yesterday! It’s hard to believe that only two years ago he was born right in our living room, he started gabbing to DH right away, and now he’s our crazy toddler.

Our family has sure gone through a lot in the past 2 years, and big changes have happened. But, C has rolled with everything, and has mostly been his easy-going and happy self.

He is quickly turing into an almost stereotypical rough and tumble boy. He loves to rough-house, climb, jump (off anything with very little – or no – help). He loves all things truck, digger, and dinosaur related. He loves being outside for any reason whatsoever, and is very sports-inclined already.

He can be very stubborn, and can often be heard saying “No” to pretty much anything. But, he still loves to be snuggled, and gives the BEST hugs!

His language is developing – still a bit behind schedule with some milestones, but he can get his point across easily and he’s saying more and more things everyday.

He’s still not the greatest sleeper, given that he celebrated his second birthday by crying so loud at 4am that I ended up taking him into the guest bed with me and giving him milk so he’d calm down. It was like he wanted to relive his babyhood days 😛 At least this is not a regular occurrence, like it used to be.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember our family as just having three members. He has brought so much into our lives (besides the extra noise!). There are definitely some special moments between him and E, and I just love witnessing that relationship grow.

Happy 2 years, our little Carterpiller! We love you loads!

_DSC0685 copy

Sweater and Other Things

I finally finished C’s sweater this past week – it only took 1.5 years. Yikes. I’m a slow knitter! This sweater had it in for me though. I had to rip it back a number of times…the last of which was right after I attached one of the sleeves and made a grave mistake involving lack of patiences, scissors, and it being past my bedtime.

Lesson learned: if something isn’t working as you’re about to go to bed, PUT IT DOWN, and look at it in the morning with fresh eyes.

In other news, E had his first day of senior kindergarten today. Now he’s the big man on campus (or at least in his classroom). He said he didn’t even miss me because he had friends around (I guess that’s a good thing, but thanks, kid!).

Lastly, I signed my first contract as a high school teacher! I’ll be teaching grade 11 math at a private school in town! I’m excited and nervous, but it sounds like it’ll be a good start to my career!

22 Months (OR Almost 2)

What’s the highest age you’ve heard someone use number of months for? I’ve heard into the 30’s. After a year old, we tend to use, or maybe half years (because 1.5 really IS hugely different than 1, but not so much between 35.5 and 36). If someone tells me how old their child is in months, it takes me a while to figure out how old that really is.

Anyway, I digress.

Carter will be 2 in October, and he’s been doing a lot of growing and changing lately.

  • He LOVES to climb and swing on bars at playgrounds
  • He really likes sports of any kind, and seems to be naturally athletic
  • One of his favourite games is to walk away slowly from me, and then start running and laughing when I go after him. This is not my favourite game, especially when it involves streets and/or parking lots.
  • Another favourite game is to run through the house, squealing, and getting us to chase him.
  • His vocabulary is getting better and he tries to mimic a lot of we say. He’s starting to string together 2-3 words (favourite lately was “me poop in bath” – DON’T ASK)
  • Speaking of #2, he things Poop is the funniest word ever.
  • Related: he actually did #1 on the toilet at daycare the other day, surprising the staff and definitely us (but we certainly don’t assume this means anything in this area).
  • To get my attention if I’m on my laptop/iPad, he puts his face right between me and the screen and says “HI!”
  • He loves anything having to do with dinosaurs or trucks. Obviously the new Netflix series Dinotrux is a huge hit.

He has seemed to grow up more over the summer, and is stronger, faster, and more independent. He’s definitely on his way into toddlerhood.


Words & Sounds

A few weeks ago, I mentioned our concerns with C’s lack of talking. His doctor recommended getting his hearing checked and setting up an appointment with a speech therapist. His hearing appointment is next Friday, and he has an appointment with a speech pathologist for an assessment in mid-June (that took WAY less time than we were thinking!).

Even though many people tell us “it’s no big deal” or “I know a kid who didn’t say a WORD until he was 2.5 and then started talking in complete sentences!!” (yeah, right), I am happy that we’re taking steps to keep a (professional) eye on things.

He has been making slow progress on his own though, which is great to see! That, coupled with the fact that he’s developing quite normally otherwise, tells us that it probably isn’t something major, but is perhaps just a bit of a delay. In fact, he’s started saying some words and sounds over the past couple of weeks consistently:

Bah = ball (he’s been saying this for months, but it wasn’t consistent at all until the past month). I think we’ll have to count this as his first word! 🙂

Mommy!! => He’s been saying this for the past few weeks, but now it’s mostly reserved for ME 🙂

Tuck = truck

Kah = car

Oon = balloon

MeeMee = his word for his soother

Dat? + pointing = what’s that?

Duck = duck

It’s a start in the right direction, so I’m excited! He also uses signs and other non-verbal ways to communicate, and is very good at getting his point across. His ability to understand what we’re saying is amazing too. Hopefully we’ll continue to see more improvements!

C is 1.5!

C became 1.5 years old a few days! ago It’s pretty crazy how he’s turned into a toddler late, and is no longer a baby!

He runs around and plays with E a lot! I think it’s a good relationship right now, because C loves following his big brother around, and E loves having a playmate at his beck and call 🙂 They get into all sorts of fun things together.


C is very independent, and is good at entertaining himself! One of the problems with that is it means he gets into a lot of things that he shouldn’t! We’re constantly telling him NO, or STOP, or DON’T DO THAT — far more than we did with E at this age!

C also has a strong defiant streak in him! Things like time outs don’t seem to work nearly as well with him – he just smiles and thinks he’s being funny or clever.

He is really adventurous, and likes to try new things — generally without thinking it through! He’s a “I’ll figure that out later” kind of kid.


At the same time, he’s very inquisitive and curious, and can work on one task for a decent period of time…and he won’t even get frustrated!

We have noticed that he seems to be really coordinated physically, and he’s got some amazing dance moves (and a great sense of rhythm, which is awesome to see!).

One thing we are concerned about is he hasn’t started talking really. He’s maybe said a couple of recognizable words (ball, daddy), and some others that sound close, but nothing consistent. We’ll be seeing what his doctor recommends later this week at his 18 month check-up (any thoughts from those who have experienced this with their child(ren)?)

C certainly has a HUGE personality, and it’s coming out more and more. He makes us laugh so much, and he still loves people – and they love him everywhere we go!

Can’t believe you’re already a year-and-a-half, Carterpillar! It’s so exciting to watch you grow and become your own little man! ❤ you, my little egg!


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