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Weekly PDRP

It’s time for some ubber-positiveness!!!

1. I finished the first draft of my second paper and gave it to my supervisor on Friday!!

2. I started working on my thesis intro and got the historical overview chunk done!!

3. We just had a long weekend (hence why this post is later than usual)!!!!

4. DH got word from his boss that he can take time off in August to go to South America!!! We are going to narrow down our choices this week and book soon!!

5. It’s reading week —- no undergrads!!!!!!!!!! WOOOHHOOOO!!!!!

6. I finally started standing up for myself, and did a couple things this week that I normally wouldn’t do – and mostly without guilt! (okay, still need to work on that)

7. I won a competition in my spinning class on Saturday (who could ride the longest while increasing the bike’s tension every 30 seconds)!!!

8. I got my hair cut and re-colored — feels soooo much better!!


Weekly PDRP

Let’s start the week off on a positive note!

1. Even though I was on the verge of walking away from my PhD last Monday, I made some good progress with my research and am getting my motivation back. I even read two papers over the weekend!

2. I saw “He’s Just Not That Into You” on Saturday night – not the best movie ever, but definitely entertaining!

3. I started knitting this weekend! I now know the knit and purl stitches!

4. The weather has been absolutely fabulous! It’s been warmer and the sun has even come out! It’s amazing what a little good weather does for the soul.

5. I had a massage on Saturday 🙂

6. I went to the gym twice this weekend!

7. DH and I had a good weekend together – one of those where you feel so much closer.

8. We hung our new painting, which is this one by Harrison Ellenshaw:

9. Coming up is a long weekend – then Reading Break! Yay for no undergrads!!

Weekly PDRP

Last week was absolutely incredible!

1. At the conference I went to on the weekend I met a great lady – she has IBS, like me, and told me about this medication she was on for it and how it has changed her life. I went to the Dr. and he said I could definitely try it out (it’s very mild) and I’ve been feeling better!

2. DH and I have been talking more and we will probably move earlier than expected – more like the Fall instead of next January/February.

3. This means “trying” earlier 😀

4. I’ve been doing more research about a conference in Rio in August, and my supervisor is keen on me going. The plan is that DH will come with me and afterward we’re going to do a two week tour in Peru!!

5. There was a freakin’ amazing sale at a local optical store, and I ordered 2 new pairs of glasses. I’m so excited to get them 😀

6. Pittsburgh won the Super Bowl! WOHOO!

7. I finished yet another book and am on to my 4th one of the year!!

Weekly PDRP

It’s time again for the weekly Puppy Dogs and Roses Post!!

1. My paper was officially accepted!!!

2. I went to a conference this weekend, met some really cool people and got some really amazing ideas!!

3. Lots of people showed up to my office hours on Thursday!!!

4. The painting that we ordered on our honeymoon a few months ago finally arrived!!

5. I finished a book and started a new one (I’m doing well on my New Year’s resolution to read more)!!!

6. I made some progress on my research and hope to continue that this week!!!

Weekly (P)uppy (D)ogs and (R)oses (P)ost

I noticed that a lot of my posts are somewhat negative in tone. So, to offset this, I have decided to do a weekly PDRP (Puppy Dogs & Roses Post), where I talk about the good things that happened that week – or at least put a positive spin on things.

I’m hoping this exercise will let me begin each new week with a positive mind-set or, at the very least, give my therapist some more material to work with (oops – was that negative? I can’t even tell anymore).

So, here we go (beware: many exclamation points to follow)!

1. I resubmitted my paper this week and think it’s substantially improved, thanks to the helpful comments from reviewer #1!!!

2. Even though someone criticized my outreach skilz, and it made me question my abilities, I know that I’m really good at what I do! So, boo to you, Critical Astronomy Club Man!!

3. DH and I talked today and there’s a possibility we might move earlier than we thought!!!

4. We went to the Wine & Food Show last night and had great wine, food and hung out with some pretty cool people!!

5. The Calgary Flames, my favorite hockey team, are kicking ass in their division!!!

6. It’s Sunday: that means FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!

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